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How to prepare for the wedding of the bride?

Preparing for a wedding is better to start well before that wonderful day of your life, because in front of a lot of questions, for which required a lot of energy and your organizational and creative abilities.So, what needs to be done in preparation for the wedding?

1 .Opredelimsya with the date of the wedding.

When selecting a date should be noted that in addition to the day of the marriage ceremony, will also be a banquet.It is necessary to provide that the selected date will not be able to apply for, or the place where you want to celebrate your wedding will be employed.If you want to hold a wedding ceremony, then of all days of the week only suitable Fridays and Sundays.Apply to the registrar may be between two and one month before the wedding.And, of course, remember that weddings favorite day is Saturday.

2.Reshim who to invite to the wedding.

This is perhaps the most difficult and necessary questions that you have to solve.From the number of guests it depends how much you have to spe

nd.From what kind of people will be at the wedding it depends on the choice of entertainment and many other nuances.You can create two guest list.The first list will contain only those you really want to invite.The second list is for those desirable to invite.The first list we invite early, and if someone refuses, instead, invite a person from the second list.

3. I want the perfect wedding.

Each of us once in my presents this wonderful day.Love spending time in the noisy company?Often go to nightclubs?Maybe just screams romance without relatives "bitter"?Whatever the wedding has not been, it should be only one in which will be comfortable for you and your spouse.That will help you decide?Think what you like, what you like, what your interests are.Maybe you like a restaurant in which you constantly go?She loves the culture, such as Japan?Is a supporter of the musical style?Or is there a film that you reviewed a dozen times, and so would be in it?By sending this style celebrations can be any your imagination.

4. Where do we draw the perfect wedding?

feast in the restaurant.Sitting in a cafe.Stroll by boat.Fun at the club.Check the nature of the smell of barbecue lover.Where would any wedding held there should be comfortable for you and your spouse.

5. How much does it cost?

Decide how much you can spend on a celebration.Remember that even a honeymoon should remain.Would a wedding be the envy of others, or only a modest celebration for myself the closest relatives?But there are costs, without which it could not hold a wedding.

6. In what manner to appear at the wedding?

There is no doubt that the bride - Wedding Queen, attracts every eye, every detail of her image must be flawless, and the bride - the embodiment of perfection.You are already imagine your ideal image?Wedding Dress, which is better in the world you will not find?Beautiful bouquet.Excellent make-up.And the groom, so that all girlfriend die of envy.But do not forget that the groom should look harmoniously next to the bride.If there is any doubt in the choice of image, it is time to open a wedding catalogs and choose what you like.You can consult with a stylist.

7. And after thinking over all the above written, assess their strength, if you have enough organizational skills.In addition to being a wedding to prepare, organize, and it still needs to undertake.The bride and groom should enjoy a triumph, and not worry about what the wedding procession did not have not arrived.Maybe we should invite the wedding manager?

sincerely wish you cope with all the troubles happy holidays!Now all of a bride in our country know how to prepare for the wedding!