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How to choose a man for a successful marriage

Every single woman asked myself the question, "How to choose a man for a successful marriage?" At the same time to live with this man until his death.Such a development we had predicted in childhood, the goal we set, but why do not we all get to achieve this goal.But many have never thought that the further development of some adverse relationship with his "Prince" could have been predicted at the outset of occurrence relations.

on what to look for when choosing a man for a successful marriage?

  1. Start with the question itself - why do you need a husband?To have a family and take care of her?To give birth and raise a child?Or have close to a trusted friend and a reliable partner?To someone in the house was able to hang a shelf or repair the valve?Or, to finally leave the unloved work and stay for the strong man's shoulder?Depending on what you want to line up the image of the man that you need, able to satisfy your desires.Using your answers to these questions, distribute a psychological portrait of a
    man of your dreams.Do not forget to mention its main distinctive traits.
  2. There is something that you value most in men - added a master list of your future spouse these properties.And not only attribute to his psychological characteristics, and the requirements for its appearance, social status, origin, profession and hobbies.Be sure to write down!Formulating thoughts on paper will save you from repetition and allow clearer to imagine what kind of man you want, even if you know perfectly well that you like tall blue-eyed men in uniform.If poorly represent the contours of your desires, it will be difficult to determine what still needs to be it, your partner for life, who wanted to link all my life with whom I would like to go hand in hand all the joys and sorrows.

    recording on a sheet will also help you identify some of the contradictions.It often happens that girls Give a strong, strong-willed and rod guy, while he should have a sensitive soul and an outstanding character.Yet many psychological characteristics are simply incompatible in one person, so you should decide what quality will be important for you, necessary for your goals, and what can still be neglected.

  3. So, you have chosen the image of a man, marriage with whom you think would be the best.Time to think, where, in what "environment" can be found.Business training?Company kinolyubov?Fitness club?At the meeting of tourists or parachutists?Once we set ourselves coverage, start to create favorable conditions for exploring the outlined your personality.
  4. found a candidate?Look, Is this the man that fits your portrait drawn up - still not sure that you approach each other.After all, it is important to combine your levels: emotional and intellectual, habits and pritiraemost characters, moral values ​​and life goals.
  5. At the beginning of the relationship, many couples simply turn a blind eye to some "little things" that can later turn into a huge clod of problems and disagreements, flowing into conflicts.Therefore advised to think twice if there are doubts in the initial stages of development of relations.Consider: a possible candidate does not pass the "quality control" or you do not feel it lives fully harmonized?Take the time to choose from, including the mind.
  6. Have you selected the man for a successful marriage can be found by visiting his family.You will see what relationship is built with respect to men, boys.How is the stronger sex to women, sisters and daughters.You literally look into the future of your family, after watching his family.Live together - rehearse a family life, but does not draw the conclusion of a formal marriage.Of course, if your goal is not marriage.

look after themselves, take care.

And do not forget about the development.Keep the body in good condition, well-groomed appearance and mood - always in a cheerful spirit, love life!Over time, love cools, there are habits that can ruin and, like rust, "eat" your feelings.Grow continuously improve, do not lose interest in life and always try to please each other - that with your common goals and feelings will help maintain interest and mutual respect for each other.So you extend the life of your family.

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