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Marriage of Convenience: Pros and Cons

Many women believe that they can make happy only oligarch.If not an oligarch, but at least the owner or director of any company.Others rightly believe that the oligarchs are not enough for all, and that they have enough men with their own living area and a decent salary, or one that can help them build a career.Leaving aside the moral aspect (all realize that we have been taught as a child that is not, but, once she decided on a marriage of convenience, and the moral side of the matter is already decided for themselves), weigh all the "pros" and "cons" of marriageby calculation: it often happens that a woman waiting, entered into such a marriage does not come true.

undoubted advantage of a marriage of convenience is that a woman is not blind the senses, and therefore, it can objectively assess the elect, to understand what he has to offer her, and that is ready to offer in response to it.

But sometimes the payment is justified.For example, a woman marries for apartments, and only then (and well, if

not after the wedding) learns that the apartment where the man lives, is not it, but owned by someone of his relatives.Or, for example, marrying a wealthy, but the old man for an inheritance, a woman may not be aware that he has a family from his first marriage, and they will get, and most of the property.In this case, the arguments "against" a marriage of convenience substantially outweigh the arguments "for".

In addition, even a man can deceive you.Here you can see an expensive car and out of her man in a beautiful and expensive suit, which also appears to the director of the company, and obviously interested in you.And only after a long time, he admits that he was just a driver directors but wanted to make your impression.

And if you really get to know a man with whom a marriage of convenience is really worth it, eventually you may find that living with him is not sweet.He can not quite pay attention to you during working hours sitting in the office, and loose wires with friends, and even questionable behavior of the girls, seeing you only as the mother of his children, and in the worst case, as a thing, which he had bought.He may be jealous of you, even to a lamppost (still, because you are young and beautiful, and he was not handsome, and well aware of this), and maybe he, though rich, but pathologically stingy and would require a report for youevery penny.

Thus, entering into a marriage of convenience, "for" and "against" must be weighed very carefully.Besides the fact that the man himself says about himself in order to avoid fraud, you need to collect as much information about it from the other hand.Also it is necessary to know in advance about the nature of the future spouse.Even if you are thinking that for the treasured wealth and are ready to suffer, his character may be so heinous that no money, no apartment will not want to.In addition, it is worth trying to find his character as much as possible good traits, and make sure you are nice to him, and he takes you for a wife, and not buying.In this case, the arguments "for" marriage of convenience becomes more weight than the arguments "against", and there is the prospect of such a marriage.And over time - who knows - maybe you and love each other.

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