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What you need to do before the wedding

1. Good night's sleep.
no need to postpone the meeting with dear friends on the last day - it is best to spend a bachelorette party in advance, let it be for a few days before the wedding.It is strongly recommended that healthy sleep (at least 8 hours!).

2. Take a warm bath.
If you have such an opportunity - take a hot bath scented, does not hurt now and easy relaxing massage before the wedding to be in good spirits.

3. Do you feel an attack of hunger?

Before the wedding to do a good breakfast.Drink chamomile tea or peppermint with a teaspoon of honey - these herbs have a slight calming effect.If you really want to eat, you can eat, for example, orange or banana, which also promotes relaxation and relaxation of muscles.

4. Try to give up caffeine.
If you find it difficult to wake up without a cup of coffee - do not worry!Drink one cup - and stop.Let them in your fridge for the morning will be a reserve of cold herbal teas, plain water and fruit juices.
you nervous before the wedding, and a lar
ge amount of caffeine will only aggravate your condition, you worsen the tremor in the hands, and the participation of the heartbeat.In addition, caffeine is known to be characterized by a pronounced diuretic properties, and every now and then to run to the toilet in a magnificent wedding dress - not an easy task.In addition, the total or partial dehydration prematurely deprive you of much needed energy.

5. It is necessary to give up alcohol.
Wedding feast - is usually an endless stream of champagne, cocktails, wines, etc.At the same time you need to be fresh and joyful.
The day before the celebration limit to one glass of wine.In response, uttered by someone of the guests toast just a little sip of champagne (or pretend) - remember, there is still at least two critical actions - throwing the bouquet and cutting the wedding cake.
Keep these some simple tips and even after many years of your kids or grandchildren, when we looked at a family album became enthusiastic to say: "My mother (my grandmother) was the most beautiful!".

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