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As far as you are romantic - test for women

1. Frankly, your favorite version of the evening - is:

A. With favorite cozy deal with household chores.
B. blockages on the sofa with a book and a box of chocolates.
B. Something extravagant and beautiful: for example, take the balloon and fly away with the favorite in the sunset.

2. If a man with whom you are meeting a month, will make you an offer you:

A. tell him that he is sympathetic to you, but you would like to get to know him before taking such an important decision.
B. Immediately he refuse: that madness?B.
immediately agreed, and start planning a super-romantic wedding.

3. If your life was a movie, it is a genre?

A series about family life.
B. adventure.
B. melodrama with obligatory happy ending.

4. Which item of clothing would you like to receive a gift from your favorite?

A. Sweet dress that you've always wanted.
B. Best of all - the gift certificate.I myself choose what I like.
V. Sexy underwear, of course!

5. What do you think about the blind date?

A. Sometimes it works, sometimes - not.
B. It's a waste of time and an extra reason to give up on men.
B. Maybe this is how I will find the man of her dreams?

6. Who do you want to see next to me?

A. Someone who would take care of me.
B. equal partners, with whom it would be possible to share the problems and goals.B.
the world's only lover.

7. Where do you want to spend their honeymoon?

A. In the outback, in a small house near the river.
B. Disneyland - it's fun.
V. In Paris, where else!

8. What do you most like to sleep?

A. cozy pajamas.
B. Somehow did not think.
Q. I only sleep naked.

If you scored most of the answers "A" - it means that you have a proper understanding of romance, but it is very different from the stereotypes.For you, the romance - it's family and daily care for each other.If your man is exactly the same idea of ​​romance - your pair can only envy.

If your responses dominated by the "B" - then you are denying all the traditional trappings of romance and consider them trivial and silly.Maybe you are not alien to feminist outlook on life, and maybe you're just disappointed in a romantic relationship.If you do not feel emotional discomfort because of it - so that's all right.Yet ask yourself: is not it too boring your life is not a romantic, a little bit crazy things?

If you have most of the answers "B" - you are the romantic with a capital letter.You are capable of insane acts and expects the same from his chosen.This gives your life sharpness and gives happiness.However, you should know when to stop, even in the romantic manifestations, otherwise you risk a lifetime chasing thrills instead of creating a family.

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