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If he wrote your number

2. The girls, who are looking for serious and long-term relationships, like "classic" - it records the phone daily, in strictly designated areas.That he was so clear, and the life he most likely accurate, step to the right or left is not considered escape, but always need to know why and under what conditions.Potentially a good family man, if not fascinated by the work of his ears, but, unfortunately, boring through life.

3. There are people who write down phone on hand.On the one hand, it is a good idea, as the man himself writes something very important, which is well, not to forget.However, such a record short lives, obliterated record erased and memory.Word quickly erupt.But quickly extinguished.

4. The person who writes the phone more than once - in a notebook into a tube somewhere else - "not to lose" - girls like.They think that it is him so much that he was afraid of losing it.In fact, more often than not this man sure of himself, sissy, or what is called a namby-pamby.He constantly needed a

reminder that something needs to be done, and that he will always bump into your phone and think what to do.Suitable only such a strong girl, which suits a man henpecked.

5. For this man is not important that the record is important - how.In that sense, it's Narcissus, whose mission - to look the most attractive.He can write down the number in a notebook and a mobile phone, but it will tell you that this notebook heavily branded embossed leather.A phone - the coolest and fancy model.And if you suddenly refuse to buy champagne at the bar, only because there is pink, which he tried in a restaurant on the Champs Elysees in Paris and there he realized that all the other drinks - swill.He believes that understands all minor and major problems as a specialist and will teach everyone.Of course, it is impossible to live with, but if you blow into his ears song about its uniqueness, it is possible to become his shadow and if a person with money or known, to get a pass to the other world, but already there to look for a normal man.

6. The easiest way to write - mobile phone - only in sixth place.Just because such a man is very difficult to predict.There is a caveat - try to have it recorded not just "Olga" and somehow clarified, best associated with a person or a place where you meet.So he will not lose you Olyah three, two and one Olga Olga Stepanovna.However, ask if he has a phone ICQ and often he uses it - if there is a bad, these people tend to live in the virtual world and get them in the real world is difficult.

7. Well, the last instance of a man who phone a girl ... not recording.He says remember.There are only two options - if you remember, you're really hooked him and he will do everything to make your life bright and interesting.Well, if you forgot - then you do not need it, and nothing to worry about.

Regina Raytova

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