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Husband need praise

Armed with the recommendations of women's magazines on training predatory animal breed "husband" and enlisted their own ideas about how to behave as a married man, you have tried in vain to change the unchangeable and a deaf eyes, ears and soul of dignity, which you used toso it valued.

But you need something just did.Not zanudstvovat, often smiling, trying to look good, and most importantly - do not forget to extol its best quality.That is to praise her husband.It is only at first glance it seems that this severe occupant offices can not stand "calf tenderness" and is ready day and night to make heroic acts just like that.Actually, your betrothed - like a delicate flower, which is not an incentive in the form of praise as without a good watering will soon wither and cease to perform not only the heroic deeds, but deeds in general.

Let it is not honey or sweetheart, and do not always praise you.So start first.And the crust of ice, just having got your well-established way of life and battered relati

onship slowly begins to melt itself.

You have nothing to praise him?Is it there?You would not believe!Read the list of possible attributes for praise, to continue it according to your taste, and count how many of them you can apply in relation to her own husband.

for which he actually praises ...

So, here is a rough list of the qualities for which it can and should praise:

• He's smart.
What is the difference, not Einstein, but as a well-versed in politics!

• It is beautiful.
What?Bald and fat?But what are his eyes!

• It is economic.
Well, what if the last time he washed dishes, while still a teenager.But after much persuasion, he finally delivered the trash!

• It is neat.
Never wear twice the same socks.Despite the fact that you have to wash them.

• It is thrifty.
How so stingy?You what!!!It is thrifty and frugal, caring about the safety of the family budget.Oh, he likes to spend money?Well then:

• He is generous.
Would you like to save money to go to the other side of town for tomatoes on the ruble cheaper?

• He is attentive.
If you are upset that instead of a birthday present he gave you the money for it, do not worry.It would be worse if he had forgotten about it.

• He is a great lover.
this truth proves also the fact that after sex he tired of hard work delivered by your pleasure, immediately falls asleep.

• He is sociable.
Although he devotes too much time to friends, it is hoped that some of them finally emerged and helpful.

• It is prudent.
Some call it boring, but he's just trying to get into the heart of things!

• He is enterprising.
Just now he has a black stripe.But you know something that he will succeed!

• He is talented.Let
contemporaries this is not appreciated, but certainly descendants will appreciate for sure!

• It is purposeful.
Truth seeks every day to new, opposite the direction, goals.But this is a trifle.

• He's a great father.
kids love it so!(Maybe because they see rare?)

• diplomatically.
Instead wife's mother called a fool, just left, slamming the door.

• He's honest.
truthfully and openly said that you went to the gym to lose weight.But he could remain silent and quietly make a mistress.

• He does not smoke (not drinking, not pricked, not playing the sweepstakes, does not lead girls) ...
You think he does not, because it protects not your nerves and your own health?Then it's a new reason to praise:

• He saves his health.
so try not to waste power for nothing and spends the evening on the couch.So - in the family circle.And finally:

• I'm so proud of him!
What's not true?Then, it is unclear why are you still with him.


Praise - is primarily an art.Therefore, it should be the right time, place, good taste and tact.Particularly it should be noted that the most effective praise - it publicly.But it can be a potent tool as a balm to the soul of thy Blessed and poison that can poison your relationship completely.

here can be taken as a guide to action about this position: to praise in the society should be for the fact that part of the value system of the people concerned.If you have a party crowd busy friends of her husband, who imagine themselves Playboy, it would be the height of folly to extol its business.Maybe friends and understand your desire is, and even will carry it on through your female perception of the world.But your lover will feel like an idiot and feel the condescending attitudes of "adult uncle."But most of these jaw friends probably disappear at the mention of the fact that you're tired to beat her husband had many admirers.

No need to also focus on the things for your man insignificant.If he hates the household, the compliment "you're so cool washed the dishes" apprehended as a mockery and a hint of what it apart from washing dishes did not really know how.In this case, the praise about the dishes may sound only in the context of "you're doing great and dishes - too much proof of that."

And one more thing.Do not overdo it!If your husband is really a black band, he needed the air and praise, and understanding, and support.If such a long time behind the praise of her husband without any measures - the risk that he quite seriously considers himself the owner of all "incriminated" it merits.And then it might seem that with such a clever, generous, gentle, enterprising and attentive, a wonderful husband to be a completely different woman.That is not you.Let your betrothed feel your sincere attention, but still in the man's head from time to time have to swarm doubt that you are somewhere cringe and something not telling.

short, whether a creative person, and often find a place kind words.And therefore, I wish you happiness in your personal life!