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Where women's erogenous zones?

Who said that erogenous zones have to be only in certain places?Such a one-way view can divide humanity into those who are sexy and those that had never known.So what is the erogenous zones?This

body parts which have increased sensitivity, because they have a lot of nerve endings that transmit the drive signal to the brain.Such zones on the human body can be in many different and unexpected places.It is believed that women have such body portions are much greater than in men.

erogenous zones can occur due to individual factors, external circumstances, and then disappear.The sensitivity of these areas depends on the temperament of the situation, age, health, and more.The presence of a positive sexual experience in the past, promotes the sensitivity of erogenous zones, as well as a negative way to freeze a pleasant feeling.

traditional erogenous zones ..

course, according to the majority, the most erogenous zones in men is a member, in women - clitoris.Other "classical" erogenous zones include: ea

rlobes, chest, head, neck, groin, thighs, fingers and toes, underarms, lip.For someone caress those parts of the body immediately cause sexual desire, others require a longer stimulation.

the male erogenous zones include: abdomen, buttocks, scrotum, chest and back.But it takes a special place anus.The stimulation of the tongue or fingers can deliver a man pleasure.

Women's erogenous zones the same, according to many of the stronger sex, are reduced to the clitoris, nipples, vagina, neck, ears, groin area.However, not many people know that if you pay due attention to areas of the body between the shoulder blades, soles of the feet, the partner is quickly excited and will experience a pleasant sensation.

Unconventional erogenous zones.

On classical sensitive areas of the body, men and women have written a lot, but as is the case with non-traditional erogenous zones?For many sexologists was the revelation that a woman can get an orgasm from stimulation of certain points on the eyebrows or gums.Apply this on your own partner does not make sense, man risks seem abnormal.To find non-traditional erogenous zones in a woman's body will need some time.

most famous point G, according to many men's opinions, if you find it inside the woman's vagina, you secured the title of best lover.It is believed that if we stimulate this point a finger, partner able to experience a strong and bright orgasm.G-spot has been designed by nature to relieve pain during childbirth.

Another sensitive point in the woman's body is located below the clitoris.It is called the point of stimulation U. From this area, the woman must feel unearthly orgasms.Are all the fairer sex all the same?

Find unconventional erogenous zone is very difficult.There must be the appropriate setting, mood and many other external or internal factors.Oddly enough, but sensitive area on your body can be any part of.And you can find out by experiments.Each person is unique and unrepeatable.What applies to one another can be irritating and unpleasant effect.

sexologists believe that there is some connection between the character and the erogenous zones.So, if a woman is like a touch on her stomach, she loves a rich and interesting life, fun entertainment and sports.If a girl is thrilled by touching her hands, then it is rational, serious and thoughtful, reasonable arguments guided.

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