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Make a nice man during sex

And after each such false article we will sadly close the magazine.At best it is an experience pervert peeping through the keyhole or distant passages our own beds.

Lesson oral.

Men - do not think about love, as opposed to us being women want something standard, especially the fact that they see in porn, which is played on a paid night channel.What would make a man a pleasure during sex, abstracted from the outside world.Forget about gagging at the sight of his dignity.In most cases, according to scientists men trudge when we seduce them and forced them to do blowjob.And when you're doing him a blowjob, remember, he must think that you that you like crazy.Use for caresses and hands and lips, and you can not deprive yourself.Very carefully and gently treats his dignity, do not forget to show that you have not heard too get pleasure from the process of what is happening with you.Kill a sense of disgust suck every last drop, you can just as well to pound the sperm on the face or body.Engaged in oral sex

do not have to do demonstrations of the type: I made you feel good, now it's your turn.

few rules blowjob read: no biting, go from gentle caresses to the more energetic, all do rhythmically accelerating pace, do each time differently, Sexual attitude, master throat technique, not a curve, not choking, never refusein oral sex.

nice men do during sex and enjoy it capable of any woman!But first we need to understand how to make a nice man, and then get to work.Sex - a kind of ritual in which you take a direct part and do not confuse it with sacrifice.For example, the famous pose 69?What's wrong?To start with you can stay about 45 degrees to his torso.So the least risk to choke on his dignity, but you should tune in and relax your throat, or everything can be spoiled.

And as tempting you turned to the man cave, it is unlikely he will stand and not caress you, and one right move legs and that she pose 69!And to you and him in this position is not something that is pleasant, and even a very convenient!It is important to look natural in sex and not afraid of anything.After all, during sex exhibit all the animal instincts of man, and they should not be repressed.For some like and harder!But go too far, too, is not necessary.In the classical sex, do not forget to moan and whisper in his ear, how can you feel good with him, which was amazing, and so on.BUT!Do not try to talk about it on the home and bearing problems during sex.You will not only spoil everything, but still had a fight with him.Only stupid women can think of during sex to find out where he was yesterday afternoon or eaten for breakfast.

Also you should learn the important things like imitation of an orgasm.Although it's your business you can not do so.After that you can not finish after a long stand, not his fault in the first place to blame the woman.For men, as children, they should operate, should listen to his body.And if men do nice during sex, you exchange it osyplet such caresses that you do not even dreamed of before.Remember, men feel that they are perfect in sex, so why disappoint them?Try to make the man, the best course his blow, I think it will be very nice.So everything is in your hands, teeth and ....