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How to persuade the man to Cunnilingus?

Podavlyayuscheebolshinstvo women agree with the statement that cunnilingus is one izsamyh mind-blowing sexual caresses.Most men admit chtoeto their favorite way to deliver their mates enjoy.Takdumayut But not all men.Or rather, they do not always know how to deliver etoudovolstvie you specifically.Although in principle they do against oral seksane have.So how do you make it clear to him that you want to just such caresses?

1. Nashepchite

muzhchinenapryamuyu say that you want to cunnilingus - not the best solution.Etanevinnaya, at first glance, the request may cause your sexual partnёraserёznoe sense of inferiority.He may seem to you that he nedostatochnoiskusen in bed.True, some clear hints, too, may not be enough.Luchshepostupit this: when a man hug you will press all over, demonstrating polnuyugotovnost to the sexual act, whisper to him: "You're so sexy, I ochenhochu you.But I'm even more usual, if you kiss me, first at the bottom. "Taqwa give to understand that all his previous actions you sa

tisfied, but there is still neispolnennoezhelanie that you want to perform with him.

2. Sdelayteintimnuyu haircut

Men, as you know, like eyes.Beautiful and alluring intimate haircut or polnoeudalenie with intimate area hair (also very exciting acts on men) mogutrazzhech in him the desire to caress between your legs.Experts very rekomenduyutimenno complete depilation.It is devoid of female pubic hair vsegdavyzyvaet the young man an irresistible desire to explore it with his mouth.

3. Posportes him

All muzhchinypo inherently prone to competition.Why do not you use this WSS sexual purposes?During the hottest hugs softly whisper to him: "Bet you did not dovedёsh me to orgasm only mouth?" This man immediately brositsyadokazyvat you otherwise.

Pustmuzhchina win this dispute.Then the next time he would take the initiative iosyplet your intimate zone kisses.The man is very important to see that you onudovletvoryaet sex.So it is a pleasure to deliver, bringing prietom no less fun and herself.

4. Use your body language

Perhaps a man deprives oral care your love zone, because it just does not know what and how "out there" to do.A number of non-verbal signs or movements at a time when his head close to your hips, will serve as necessary for him orientirom.Kak soon as he starts to kiss the belly, Dish so that the pubis was a bit blizhek men face, and then a gentle hand movement push his head below.More odinizvestny sign - a gesture of two fingers in a V around the clitoris.So muzhchinebudet clear where to direct your tongue.

5. Golosovyenamёki

Obyazatelnogovorite my man, what actions lead you ekstaz.Povtoryayte him how wonderful you caress his tongue.It inflame his passion and podnimetsamootsenku."Yes, yes, it is there!" - A phrase in a passionate tone is samymluchshim positive stimulant.Hearing this, your partner expresses zhelanieublazhat you orally, not only today, but also on other days.

6. Try posture convenient to your partner

Vozmitedve pillows, put one under his chest, and the other put himself yagoditsy.Tak his jaw will not be endlessly crawl on the bed, and slightly raised tazpredostavit more opportunityfor maneuver.Also, a man can lie down comfortably back wraps, and you sit on it, so that your crotch was right on his lips.Neboytes pass in his eyes shameless.In this position you can easily zadavati smoothly control the rhythm.

7. If onne ready

edinstvennyysposob Sometimes change is somehow selfish approach your man - is to deprive oralnogoseksa him.In the case, if this does not help you, you have to smiritsyas fact that your man is part of the small percentage of the strongest opponents of oralnogoseksa.If you decide for yourself, you do not want to continue the relationship with a man, unwilling to please you, then say goodbye to him.It is easy to be naytiodnogo of millions of men, for whom cunnilingus is not a burden, but only joy.

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