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How to delay an intimate relationship with a new boyfriend?

Sociologists and psychologists give evidence that only twelve percent of couples whose relationship is based solely on passion, have a chance to gain a strong family.Very strong sexual desire and passion, which appeared at the beginning of dating or meeting, will gradually fade.After all, the relationship is necessary not only to maintain the intimate caresses, but also talk and walks, and closer "psychological" acquaintance.This trend is particularly concerned about the women's quarters.Therefore, many women are willing to postpone the moment of the first intimacy with a partner for a longer period.

course, a categorical refusal to have sex could hurt the young man.Especially if it is configured exclusively for it.And then the relationship is likely to disorder.But in a romantic relationship, based on mutual sympathy, too, sooner or later the question arises, where will be held the same intimacy.

girl can apply their ingenuity and diligence to delay the start of sexual relations with a new partner

for some time.So, in order not to provoke an intimate embrace, better at first meet at home or at the guy, and in public places.Especially if you like evening rendezvous.

But at the very beginning of the relationship of the meeting with a friend is generally better to assign the day.For this situation, when you, for example, lie down in front of a fireplace, covered with a blanket, and in front of you there will be a bottle of champagne and fruit, men perceived as an open signal to active sexually.Do not allow such "events" in the early stages of dating, and all long until you decide that you are ready to have sex.Do not bring your man to his home and not go to him.

May he will call you and you will go to any public place or public institution.Romance in relationships is not conceivable without kissing.But such a movement of the lips are very sexy and sensual.Therefore, they lead to a very strong excitation of partners.The girls do not start kissing when you are in a place where you can not do anything to prevent that relations have gone too far.Do not Kiss, sitting at home with her boyfriend.Also, do not let a man or a guy too carried away hugs and kisses when you stay with him alone.

Sometimes men who want to hurry to have sex with a girl, can deliberately adjust various provocative situation.For example, after a couple of visits you once again get home and nearing midnight.If your young alludes to a cup of coffee, you can regard this as a hint of an invitation to sex.If you are not ready yet for such an attitude is not reciprocated to such conversations and requests.It is better to say goodbye at the door entrance, completing a date gentle kiss.This certainly thank the young man for a wonderful evening.Remember that even if you invite your boyfriend late at night to his home "only briefly", then it will inevitably be followed for an intimate rendezvous attempt on his part.

Such invitations are considered male sex as well as a call to action.In order not to focus at first on the topic of sex more joking, laugh and tell stories in general try to be friends.The goal should be to any girl to a guy you saw in the other, and not only a potential lover.You may realize that you are on the right track when you notice that the young man often tells you about yourself.Men fully disclosed only to those of the women that they really like.In such cases, a woman can safely flirt, but not to have a flirt too far.

should also be careful with jokes on the sexual theme.Such jokes rarely are without a hint or implication.Most men use these jokes to check, so to speak, the soil underfoot.You should not be a negative sentiment to any such joke, but Know how to respond so that the man it became clear that you are not ready for sex.

Naturally, such a thought, too, need to bring to it a sense of humor.In general, do not pay much attention to sexual topics, better move the conversation to another topic.If your friend has a car, it does not go beyond what is permitted and sitting in it.Do not let a man unbuttoning your clothes or withdraw it from you.If any of these actions will begin to stop it will be very difficult.To put the relationship in a more friendly direction, often talking to the young man compliments.The desire to get close to the person can be verified not only act, but also in words.The man says that he is very important for you and means a lot.All men are pleased when the girl as if by accident, but very deep and fun to inhale the scent of his toilet water during the embrace.Also at the meeting, tell the man that he looks great.So you show a man that your behavior is not caused by expectant dislike to him, and he was very pleasant to you as a partner.If you find it difficult to restrain feelings, be them, of course, can and should be.However, this should be done in public or in public places.As more in such an environment is unlikely to happen.Many girls, postponing the beginning of an intimate relationship with a new boyfriend, as if pre-set time limits for ourselves.

not tell the guy about the need to wait at least a month or two.And do not set specific dates.This is not appropriate.You must understand that you will not oblige to enter into an intimate relationship at all.This should happen only when you see fit.This point should be determined solely by your desire and willingness.But it takes no position impregnable fortress, if the person you really pleasant and nice.Show own actions, that you are interested in people and having feelings for him.This can be done by means of simple gestures.For example, her head on his shoulder, take the young man's hand.This will help him feel his virility.Girls should not believe a man's phrases that you just cuddle.Often, after the start of the embrace of the male hormones have an effect and you can go very far.Watch out for their own actions and do not apply the guy or even the occasional funny signals.Men logically think otherwise.And even your innocent look, they can be mistaken for a willingness to have sex.

male half of humanity is set up so that the urge girls to have sex will have to appear on the first date.However, despite this, many boys and men in the soul want women to delay the start of sexual intimacy as long as possible.So they have a feeling that in front of them is very special girl or woman.Much more than sex, men want you to find them witty, funny and original.Every man wants to meet a "goddess."A woman of such a plan can not give up quickly and easily.It is necessary to win.So give men the opportunity.

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