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How to become sexual?

I would like to add that sexy - the game is a fine line between frankness and banned.If you do not open up the world - you recluse, if frankness much - you are a sinner;So you need to choose a path that moves away from the hermit, but turns into a sinner.

first step towards sexuality - psychological mood.Only a confident woman can be sexy (if timid shy in front of you, which is in its power not inferior to the composition of "Via Gra", then most likely, it could play).If self-esteem disorder, we will improve.

To start examined with his own thoughts about themselves.Then go to the opinions of others about you: remember everything - and compliments and comments.Critique can not be treated with hostility, she gives us food for thought and opens the way to self-improvement.The basic ideas of the best, of course, to write, because on paper thoughts seem more clearly and completely.The second idea, which for a time to take your mind is: "What am I not enough to create a sexual way?" (Short and items.)

Example: "I featuring the figure, but the belly is not quite flat."
Reaction: "Toss press every day and perform a special set for this group of muscles."

Thus, we struggle with disabilities, we put the emphasis on the advantages and improves self-esteem."Since I have so much time spent on it should be, there is a change!" - And begins to appear in the eyes shine.In that case, I congratulate you on the fact that you have taken the first and most difficult step on the road to the attainment of sexuality.Additional bonuses, which very quickly get used to the attention of men will - then why can not withdraw at any age.

There are, however, defects that we are beyond the fix, and should therefore accept themselves as they are.And do not despair;minor flaws can turn into dignity and make you incredibly charming.Only an imperfect woman can be sexy, remember this!

Another tip: Each day begins with the fact that you say yourself that you are the most-most in the near future in the mirror really transformed.Remember the heroine Irina Muravyova in the movie "The most charming and attractive"?Well, she did like autosuggestion every day.Now let us remember the finals and three men, whose hearts she has won.A decent result.

to psychological weapon I would have carried the mystique.Sexy woman is always mysterious.It will not open fully man, forcing him to think out of the meaning of words spoken or playfully obscene gestures.She did not say directly, but tactfully nameknёt about his plans and intentions, will leave the answer to the question of place, look silencing or, on the contrary, to say something important.Mysteries, however, like everything else, too, should be in moderation.If you have the whole evening will only smile, and instead offers to answer interjections, then you are unlikely to be invited to a second date.

sexuality - it's a game, so the game and try to win.

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