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How to arrange a lover unforgettable night?

But, you can not even imagine - a little romance - and your relationship kindled new feelings.Arrange for the beloved romantic evening.

We'll show you how to arrange the beloved an unforgettable night.

To start, you need to decide on the time and place.Of course time should be convenient.We do not think that your beloved will be happy to get up at seven in the morning, after an unforgettable night with you and go to the very important negotiations.To eliminate this, it is best to make plans for the weekend, so that both of you had a chance to sleep.

To whet your lover's feelings, leave in his pocket, as an example, a note will be said that it is waiting for a date night with you.Be sure to specify the time and place of your meeting.

Would be great if you start a romantic evening somewhere in the restaurant or on a walk, and finish all this action - at home.

Invite your loved one in your favorite restaurant and pay the expense - it will be very nice.Or, you can invite him for a romantic walk in the

woods or your favorite place in the city.Believe me, men also love such pleasant things.He also remembers the place where you first kissed or the place in which he confessed his love to you.

If going to the restaurant is not included in your plans, and the weather outside does not allow even stick his nose out of the window, then cook dinner at home.The menu is made of light dishes.Otherwise, the sated, you like two bear, just settle down to sleep.But because you have a completely different plans for tonight, right?To arrange a lover unforgettable night, you need to rekindle his appetite and not overfeed in the most unfitting moment.Wine, champagne and snacks.Can you cook something more satisfying, but leave the dish for later.

next stage - it is right to set the table.Naturally, the cloth should be clean, dishes from the gloss shine.Place the plates against each other to be able to look into the eyes.

lover on a plate you can put the envelope in which will be invested in a small letter with a declaration of love.

Put on the table a candle or flowers.Candles will help create a romantic atmosphere.Pre-arrange your music.Your evening will be accompanied by pleasant sounds.In no case did not turn on the television, or you risk losing the attention of his beloved.

Meet your favorite you have to parade in full - no stretched jackets and old sweatpants.In a magnificent evening gown is not to dress.Put a light cocktail dress, a mandatory attribute of your wardrobe today - fishnet stockings and beautiful underwear.

Meet a loved one with a smile and mysterious eyes.Kiss help to undress and took him by the hand, slide to the table.Necessarily, a speech in which it will be noted that all current efforts - all for the sake of it.

Dinner, candles, relaxing music - Romantic moments - can spice up any relationship.Your conversation should not strain the both of you: do not try to ask him about his work or remember old grudges.Remember the time when you meet, remember your first kiss or your first night of love.

course to arrange an unforgettable night lover, you must give him an unforgettable night of love.Do not immediately jump on the favorite once, play with him, give him all the affection and yourself.This evening for you two enjoy each other.

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