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Men's coldness


One of the most common reasons that a man begins to refuse sex - health problems.It can be various infectious, inflammatory and even venereal diseases that affect potency.For example, the prostate can make sexual intercourse is practically impossible, since it weakens the potency and cause physical discomfort.Since men rarely talk openly about their problems and even less likely to seek medical attention to them, the reason is a sharp change in temperament of her husband, it can be covered in health problems.

2. Age.

known that with age, desire for the opposite sex is weakening.The older a man is, the less hormone responsible for sexual desire, it is produced in the body.It is not surprising that a man of 50 years wants sex far less than 30 years.
Now there are drugs that stimulate the production of male hormones.But just as many fakes and which are injurious to health.Therefore, in search of "rejuvenating apples" should be guided not by advertising, and the advice of the doctor.

3. insecurity.

Sometimes it seems that there is no apparent reason why a man would give up intimacy.But there is always a reason, and often it is - self-doubt.Perhaps the man had some difficulties with potency or of premature ejaculation.This could affect the self-esteem, there was the fear that such a situation will be repeated constantly.The situation is much more complicated, if the woman had the imprudence to comment on the incident sharply.Men's coldness often begins after a woman reproaches.Resulting in such moments, the psychological trauma can greatly complicate the relationship between a man and a woman.To solve this problem can be jointly with a family psychologist or sexologist.

4. Treason.

According to numerous surveys, men betrayal - not a reason to give up sex with his wife.Men who have mistresses, often quite capable of having sex with his wife.They are less dependent on emotion, and if you do not have problems with health, the betrayal is rarely a reason for which a man begins to avoid intimacy.
But sometimes on the side of love or guilt of the committed errors can reduce sex to nothing.To solve this problem can only be a frank conversation.But in such situations, the conversation on the souls are not rarely end in divorce.So - you start talking about the change, or close their eyes to it, everyone decides for himself.

5. Stress.

Chronic fatigue, stress, constant lack of sleep - even some reasons why a man may not want sex.If the day men strongly tired, nervous a lot and all the time is under stress, it is not surprising that night in bed, he just wants to sleep peacefully.Sometimes, to solve this problem can only be a complete change of activity, and sometimes quite a good rest, regular holidays and caring attitude.If a woman will try to create a cozy and relaxing atmosphere, a man learns to relax in her presence and to leave all work issues beyond the threshold, then the men never coldness not show.

reasons for which there is a men's coldness, abound.But, oddly enough, most of these causes are easily eliminated.If the pair relationship of trust, love and respect for each other, then nothing can separate them.Neither the health nor the complexes, nor weariness will not be intractable problems.Only a conscious rejection of sex, strong feelings for another woman, can put an end to the sexual relationship.But even betrayal - is not always reason enough to intimacy forever disappeared from the couple's relationship.

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