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Basic knowledge of the excited man

exposure erogenous zones

learning all the erogenous zones of your men, you can influence them, bringing it to the highest point of excitation.Estestvennok such areas include the genitals.The penis and scrotum are at muzhchinsamymi sensitive areas on the body.Active stimulation leads to bystromuvozbuzhdeniyu.It is possible to use this zone massage.All actions must be bytnezhnymi, but persevering and not to inflict pain.

Genitals are not edinstvennoyerogennoy area on the body of a man, able to cause great excitement.Lyubyelyubovnye games you need to start with the head.Of course it is worth to pay osoboevnimanie tongue and lips.Passionate kisses are important.Takzhekak Men and women love kissing.It should produce poglazhivayuschiedvizheniya hair.They should resemble massaging shampoo.

Also, special attention should udelitmochke ear.It can gently caress the tongue, while biting.Certainly nuzhnosheptat ear sweet words or their love of fantasy.The language mozhnoissledovat the entire surface of t

he ear, breathing very feminine excites man.It is worth a little moan.

male breast is meneechuvstvitelnoy than women.But gentle strokes also lead kvozbuzhdeniyu.If a man like your actions, his nipples obyazatelnozatverdeyut.They can twist, bite, stroke or compress.Tolkoeksperimentiruya can understand that is able to arouse your man is stronger.

Do not forget the back and make yagoditsy.Mozhno stroking movements along the spine.Buttocks stoitszhimat, pinching and clap for him.

abdomen is not an erogenous zone for the majority of men.But kisses, made around the navel may prinestiudovolstvie and make sensations more acute.

things that can excite a man

There are some things a man kotoryedeystvuyut as a strong stimulant.These include:

  1. course very important seksualnayaodezhda.She definitely looker.Men come in excitement otvizualnyh images.They love to consider and submit razlichnyeseksualnye picture.Therefore it is essential to choose the right clothes.Neobhodimopodcherknut dignity, not exposing them completely.It is sure to be ostavatsyazagadka.Especially men like women to dress different.They mogutbyt long, but with a large incision.Many men love a beautiful woman belena lower.They come in very excited, seeing his body.But stoitotkazatsya by yellow and pink color that can act ottalkivayusche.Takzhe men like to be directly involved in its purchase.They obozhayutkrasivye and frank kits.Mostly men give predpochteniekrasnomu or black.Ordinary tights certainly worth zamenitchulkami.
  2. Some fragrances can silnovozdeystvovat the man, arousing him.These include bergamot, jasmine, ylang-ylang, sandalwood, cinnamon and patchouli.These smells can influence nervnuyusistemu causing excitation gain.They can increase vozbudimostnekotoryh erogenous zones and awaken sensuality.Most can be purchased at ponravivshiysyaaromat videefirnogo oil, which is applied to small areas of the body.For example, nazapyaste, her cleavage and neck.
  3. to create the right atmosphere mozhnoispolzovat sound.It is necessary to choose the tender and sexual muzyku.Ona to be a low-volume and unobtrusive.With the play of light and gentle muzykimozhno create the necessary conditions.Men love when zhenschinanachinaet striptease dancing to the beat of the song.
  4. an important role in the process of excitation igrayutpravilnye word.Most important is the tone of voice.Men pushes loud, high-pitched and screaming voice.A vozbuzhdaetnezhny, quiet and smooth.Every man is different, so there is no tochnogonabora phrases that apply to it.Do not be afraid to look poshloy.Obyazatelno to do compliments a man and his appearance.Mozhnovspomnit the brightest moments of the previous night.
  5. Role playing and dressing.Mnogiemuzhchiny excited by waitresses, nurses, nuns and teachers.Catalysts are currently also currently on sale, you can buy a variety of costumes, kotoryesmogut help transform and make a man mad.

Vozbuzhdeniemuzhchiny a distance

If a man is at a distance toego also possible to excite.Currently, this can be ispolzovatinternet.Some sexual thoughts izhelanie much easier to write than to say in the face.You can describe in detail what you hotiteprodelat a man to come up with role-playing game.

for excitation can ispolzovattelefon with which is very easy to write SMS.They should bytiskrennimi, not downloaded and the same type phrases.You can also call igovorit about their desires.

Have Skype creates a lot vozmozhnosteydlya seduction, even at a great distance.Any sposobesoblazneniya important to talk about their feelings.

Vozbuzhdeniemuzhchiny home

This will require only a desire, a little imagination and a willingness to experiment.Pre mozhnopozvonit its second half and hint that it is waiting for a little surprise.Kogdamuzhchina sitting and watching television, you can sit down on his knees and lower rukuv pants.Stroking his cock is to whisper in his ear, as you want it or Navas no underwear.The effect is not long to wait.

Always worth experimenting sosvoim appearance and clothing.Naturally the usual dressing gown nenastraivaet to excite.It is necessary to give preference to a soft, flowing fabrics ishelkovym.The bed can be put shoes on high heels.

Vozbuzhdeniemuzhchiny in the shower

Shower provides an excellent vozmozhnostdlya most excited man.You can gently lathering his body, with osoboevnimanie erogenous zones.Also, this is a good place to practice oral sex.It is not necessary to hurry, as the need to stretch mozhnodolshe pleasure.

Vozbuzhdeniemuzhchiny outside the home

Men very vozbuzhdaetinitsiativa coming from women.Therefore it is possible to surprise a man showing his kaksilno you wish.To do this, you can move away to a secluded place ipolozhit his hand between her legs.

to the party, you can not wear nizhneebele and ask it to do, and a man.Sitting at the table can be discreetly dlyaokruzhayuschih stimulate the genitals through his pants pockets.During the evening nuzhnopostoyanno whisper lewd and erotic things.

Many men love razlichnyeseksualnye pranks on the road.During the movement of a woman member of stroke can make more overt action.Also it is necessary to wear a cloak over his naked body to leave the city.Sex in this case would have to do on the back sidenemashiny that is very exciting.

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