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Who are metrosexuals?

If you think the good news is these men were always, just most of them not to advertise.Ordinary men are accurate, metrosexuals in this regard are fanatical, they are not satisfied with just a manicure, nails still need to make up colorless or slightly pinkish varnish.Now the situation has changed - metrosexuals be fashionable.

metroseksualizma help popularize the media.On television, there are many programs where metrosexuals normal heterosexual men are taught how to look good and how to behave with a girlfriend.Designers produce fashion collections, focused exclusively on these men, cosmetics manufacturers are constantly increasing range of cosmetic products aimed at a male audience.Famous singers and athletes get millions for what this or that advertise cosmetic products.Metrosexuality became part of popular culture, however, the post-Soviet space, the phenomenon is not very common.

main symptoms typical metrosexual:
  • live in a big city or in the suburbs.
  • earn decent.
  • has fully staffed luxury li
    ving space, as well as an expensive car.
  • regularly visit beauty salons, exercise, lead a healthy lifestyle.
  • follow the latest trends in fashion.
  • has a lot of makeup.
  • spend a lot of time in front of a mirror.
  • He enjoys decorative cosmetics.
modern metrosexual knows his worth.He loves only himself and spends money only on themselves.Such men sometimes look better than their companions, although they also prefer a very beautiful and it is very well-groomed girls.

Metrosexual, like any other man loves a woman, but still it gives preference to himself.With regard to women's views about these men, there is no unequivocal opinion.Of course, most of the ladies do not like when their beloved is interested in their appearance more than they are.Some women love these men, and are willing to endure all their features, while others think that all should be the measure.

If you look through the beautiful mask metrosexual, which he shows to others, can be seen very insecure person who through grooming and beauty tries to somehow compensate for the lack of quality.Metrosekual care about their physical appearance, but it is not trying to develop their inner world.Such men do not care about their inner world.If you decide to start a relationship with metrosexuals, be prepared to fully share his passion for courting her body.You'll need to be familiar with all the new products, as well as not to be surprised if your lover begins to criticize you.

With such a man will not be bored.Dance clubs, trendy hangouts, many hours of shopping.These men love to flirt, so do not be jealous of him.Metrosexual, like a normal man is jealous of her lover, if his eyes flirting.Metrosexual, or as it is called, cultured man with good taste, will soon become a common type of men in our country.Such men are on the brink of homo- and heterosexuality, and who knows what he will with time.Consolation is the fact that metrosexuals are not for life, and a particular period.Metrosexual - a way of life.

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