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Features of sex at different ages

Vozrast20 years

girls in their twenties nablyudayutsyasilnye fluctuations sexuality.The sexual life in this age upravlyaetnesformirovavshiysya and erratic hormones.Girls 20 years is very little knowledge of his body idovolno often found lack of orgasm.At this age, in addition to the care seksaih many other problems.For example, appearance, education inehvatka funds.

In men this age is considered pikomseksualnosti.They can constantly change partners in the search for new sensations.Vetot period of hormones govern their behavior, so a permanent relationship of slightly interested.Young people are very excited and quickly know how bad kontrolirovateyakulyatsiyu.The recovery process after intercourse mozhetzanimat traveled only a few minutes.Therefore a man can stand more than four sexual acts for one date.But the duration of sex is very malenkaya.Poetomu for young people aged 20 important number of acts.No specific sexual preference is not as tired.They can have sex virtually any time and it does

not matter where.At such a young age is very rare in men have horoshayarabota and regular income.In this connection, they do not much believe in svoihsilah and prefer more affordable girls.Also, young people are virtually neumeyut to please their partners and only care about themselves.

Vozrast30 years

At the age of 30 years old woman schitaetsyanaibolee sexually active.She knows exactly what she wants to have sex and mozhetsformulirovat their desires.A woman can quickly and easily poluchatorgazm.Most often in this age imeyutsyapostoyannye relationships, family and deti.Libido in this case reaches maximum performance.It may snizittolko severe stress, or birth of a child.Breastfeeding reduces takzheznachitelno vyrabotkugormonov.The level of testosterone slowly begins to decline after 35 years, but etobudet not very noticeable.

In men 30 years a high level of testosterone, HOOH able to control the erection.At this stage, it feels good svoyupartnershu and can give her a strong pleasure.But it is worth remembering that the importance dlyamnogih men playing career.Therefore, work, home problemyi stress can distract a man from having sex.Therefore, some muzhchinproiskhodit slight decrease in sexual activity.This age yavlyaetsyaidealnym for various sexual experimentation may dazhesamyh unexpected.Some become quite a zanochuyu intercourse.

Vozrast40 years

At this age a woman is experiencing vtoroypik sexuality, despite the continued decline in the level of hormones.This is largely due to lower the amount of stress great- est stability.The children have already grown up and at work pretty chastoprisutstvuet calm.But closer to 50godam a decrease in libido.A woman's body begins to prepare kklimaksu.During intercourse, there may be discomfort.Halve women begins vaginal dryness, problems with menstruation and vozmozhnosnizhenie sexual desire.Noposeschenie doctor and the use of medical treatment can solve mnogieproblemy.Moreover, the ability to achieve a strong orgasm quite minimum.Women in this age are well aware that they want to have sex ikak possible ways to achieve this.

In men 40 years of age can nachinatsyanekotorye problems and a crisis of middle age.They voznikaetoschuschenie routine and there is a strong desire for diversity.So nihvoznikaet great interest kprosmotru porn and kposescheniyu striptease.This is where young men can start lyubovnits.Po to sexologists, that in 40 years the probability of adultery.Poetomudlya save the marriage you can try new positions and conduct postoyannyeeksperimenty in this area.It vetom aged man can be a better lover.He perestaetschitat number of sex acts, he naiboleevazhno quality.Man tries as much as possible pleasure dostavitzhenschine, did not spare the time.But in the age of 40 may voznikatproblemy with the onset of erectile dysfunction and even impotence develop.Most chastomuzhchina becomes capable of only one sexual act per night.

Vozrast50 years

Menopause can have negativnoevozdeystvie and sexuality.There is a decrease in estrogen and kaksledstvie decreases blood flow to the genitals and the vagina worse uvlazhnyaetsya.Posle complete menopause may return drive.For some, it becomes much stronger.Many uchenyeschitayut that sex during menopause is able to deliver otbolshinstva unpleasant symptoms.On the libido has a negative impact ivozniknovenie various diseases.Many suffer from excess weight and heart problems.At this age, there is no possibility of getting pregnant and therefore contrary nekotoryepary trying to lead an active sex life inasyschennuyu.

Men in this age otmechaetsyausilenie desire and interest in sex.But quite often there sereznyeproblemy erection, may cause prostatitis and other vozrastnyhproblem.Psychologically, a man of 50 years does not feel very uverenno.Poetomu extremely important to maintain a correct and healthy lifestyle.About all svoihproblemah and experiences is to talk with your partner.Nekotoryespetsialisty working in this field believe that it is in 50 years is most useful to masturbate.It can uberechot of prostate cancer.Recovering sex sexual desire takes a long time imozhet be about a day.Also of great interest in this age vyzyvayutmolodenkie girl.Men believe that they are able to return to power izhelanie.

Vozrast60-70 years

naturally with age organizmpostepenno wears and its main functions are weakened.But do not stavitkrest on sexuality.Maybe you get the same emotions in molodomvozraste not work, but to achieve orgasm is possible.Naturally, there is damping activity.Sex becomes infrequent, but it can bytregulyarnym and good.We must seek kvracham that can help to significantly strengthen the desire and opportunity.There are many different and effektivnyhpreparatov.But most couples feel free to contact with your seksualnymiproblemami to doctors, and it is in vain.Many scientists believe chtodlitelnaya sexuality capable lead to longevity.

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