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How do we actually choose sexual partners?

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Pheromones are responsible for the mechanisms of sexual attraction, called aphrodisiacs.Let's try to understand the mechanism of action of pheromones.It accompanies us everywhere chemicals.They contain information about the unique set of chromosomes each person.Receiving this information, the human subconscious instantly determine whether the suit met partner for the birth of healthy offspring.

Perfume with pheromones, which are increasingly in demand in our time, are made from the elements of animals and some plants, so no genetic data are not available.It is necessary to be careful with unknown chromosomes reliably manage their own.In order to assess the likely person, you can use a reliable means - a kiss.Genetic information is also contained in the saliva and lets you decide for certain subconscious biases.

So, based on the passionate love is the instinct of procreation.But sometimes women during pregnancy set of chromosomes, which used to be perceived as a useful and p

leasant, suddenly becomes hostile.Therefore, beloved before the man can be physically unpleasant.The same effect can be obtained using hormonal contraceptives.

mechanisms beauty

But the discovery of the action of pheromones, scientists did not stop.In order to determine why people choose each other, they spent a lot of polls and surveys.It turned out that to determine whether a person wants to have sex with a new acquaintance, it is enough to a few seconds.The decision on the basis of the subconscious takes height, weight, facial features.So, it turned out that most men are attracted to women with narrow hips and broad shoulders.The facial expression should be more severe because a smile can be perceived as a sign of helplessness and resignation.

matters, even the color of clothes, red is perceived favorably by men and women.However, appearance is important for a woman mostly when she is looking for a partner for the time relations.For serious relationship, she often prefers to partner with an equal or higher social status and level of intelligence.

and other mechanisms

Other experiments have shown that love can be fooled.It turns out that the information coming from the right side of the body, the brain sends to the processing of the left hemisphere, which is responsible for positive emotions.Therefore, for example, touching the right hand to cause more pleasant sensations.

also found that stress in the meeting, which was accompanied by heart palpitations and anxiety is perceived by men as high excitement at the sight of a woman.And this familiarity often want to continue.

scientists and reveal the mechanism of longing in his chest and euphoria that occur when an object of passion.That turned out to be the love hormone oxytocin, which, in their opinion, and may be the basis for the elixir of eternal love.

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