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Useful properties smoothies and cooking

What is the reason for the popularity of this cocktail?In English, «smooth» - soft, smooth, delicate.And fashionable, diverse, light, refreshing.It is such a fruit and vegetable cocktail smoothie.Crushed in a blender until smooth various berries, vegetables, fruit will please even the most discerning palate.In this cocktail, you can add high-calorie dairy products, such as yoghurt, cream or ice cream.And then a smoothie into a complete healthy meal.And therein products provide not only satiety, but also normalize bowel withdraw toxins, improve your health.

best smoothies - natural.

These smoothies made from natural products.No preservatives, thickeners and flavorings.Products must be juicy and meaty.Naturally, dried fruit smoothies do not.You can experiment with other products.But to get a really delicious cocktail, have a lot of practice.Or someone else to learn.For some products are more liquid, more fleshy, others viscous and so on.From the combination of products is not only taste but also the t

exture, color, smell.For example, peaches, bananas, mangoes and apricots is well mixed with the purified grapefruit, orange or Pamela.Very useful vegetable smoothie with the addition of greens.For greater effect, they add berries: blueberries, cloudberries, cranberries, lingonberries, blueberries.This smoothie has a pronounced anti-oxidant rejuvenating effect on the body.Fills it with minerals and vitamins.

is important to choose the right proportion to our drink has not turned too sour or, conversely, cloying.If the smoothie to add sugar, then this natural product is not.If the product is in demand, then there are sellers.Ready-mix for the preparation of this cocktail can be purchased in large shopping centers.But this is only an option for the lazy.The usefulness of this cocktail will be several orders of magnitude lower than freshly prepared.After premixed may contain sugar, synthetic additives, flavorings.The fruit and vegetable concentrates few vitamins.

pleasure or practicality?

Consumers smoothies are divided into two camps: the "physicists" and "poets"."Physics" - a conventional pragmatists who appreciate smoothies, especially the ease and speed of preparation.In just five minutes you can prepare a natural and hearty drink.By sending a child to school, mothers do not have the morning to stand at the stove to cook breakfast.People leading a healthy lifestyle, attracted primarily useful product quality.Taste and smell to them is not so important.People involved in sports, long appreciated for its smoothies legkousvoyaemost and energy saturation.Representatives of the second camp - "lyrics" - primarily interested in the process.The magic of creativity, experiment.They were interested in everything: selection of products, the combination of flavors, the perfect recipe development.Some are making the classic proportions, while others surprise piquancy or fireworks of flavors.They did not bother calculating calories.And do not calculate the calcium content to the milligram.The beauty of this product is that one finds in a smoothie that is looking for.According to psychologists, cocktail smoothie is an excellent remedy for stress.The therapeutic effect is like its preparation and use.Especially if it add a little love, tenderness and good humor.

Smoothies as diet.

the west-smoothie diet is one of the most popular ways to control their weight.Use it like to lose weight, and to remedy the lack of muscle mass.Already we no one is surprised when a student or office worker with a big cup in hand.Just for their smoothies - a way to save time and recharge your batteries.However, proper nutrition should follow certain rules so as not to gain extra padding.

- Do not drink the smoothie if thirsty.Smoothies water will not replace.It contains a lot of sugar and calories.Excessive consumption will simply extra weight and even cellulite.Remember - smoothies - it is the food!

- Make it a rule to drink only freshly made smoothies.Ready-mix can contain preservatives, flavor enhancers and sugars.

- Follow-calorie foods.Least of all calories in grapes, apricots, plums, kiwis, apples.Here, for example, with bananas should not be abused.

- The vegetable smoothies instead of salt can be added to the powder of dried seaweed.She will give a delicious taste and enrich the body with iodine.

- High-calorie cocktails based on a fat milk, yogurt, juice equated to a full dinner.They may contain daily norm of calories.So sweet and fatty dairy products useful to replace low-fat yogurt.

- Smoothies is not snack between meals.Smoothies - is food.And it should be consumed respectively.It is known that saliva significantly accelerates digestion.And if you just drink a smoothie.Saliva is highlighted in the right quantity.Therefore frayed weight recommended to chew, like solid food.In this case, the salivary glands will work harder.

- refuse from the usual food for the smoothie is not necessary.But if for some reason smoothies replaces several methods of solid food, it is recommended that it be added protein.However, the need to control the amount of protein.Their excess can lead to higher blood cholesterol levels.

- well satisfy hunger cocktails with the addition of wheat germ, barley, oats.

cooking tips smoothies.

Smoothies - a paradise for experimenters.Besides fruits and vegetables, you can add dried seedless, seeds and nuts.Simulate different options can be endless.But to truly enjoy the product, listen to the advice of the beneficial properties of smoothies and cooking.

- Clean carefully peeled fruit.Otherwise, it will stick to the throat and teeth.

- Citrus fruit must be cleaned from the film.Otherwise, a smoothie will taste bitter.

- If the cocktail will be too thick, it can be diluted with milk, water or ice cubes.

- to drink smoothies were not only useful, but also pleasant, decorate it with chocolate chip, mint leaf, berries.It is possible to prepare a layered smoothie: in bottom of beaker placed dough of one color on top - a liquid of another color and so on.

And to top it off, we offer you some classic balanced combinations.All the components you just beat in a blender until a homogeneous composition.To the drink has an invigorating and refreshing, you can add a little ice.

Strawberry yogurt: 150 ml low-fat yogurt, 200 g strawberries (can be frozen), a glass of milk.

Morning: banana, half a cup of milk, half a cup of brewed coffee, bitter chocolate, grated nutmeg.

Vitamin: a glass of blueberry fruit drinks, 5 tablespoons of mashed cranberries with sugar, 2 chicken eggs.

refreshing green tea, a little ginger, apple, grape, banana, kiwi, a spoon of honey.

Nutritional: yogurt, oatmeal flakes, mango, a couple of ice cubes.

Luxury: peaches, strawberries, melon slices.

Bubbly: white wine, cranberry juice, tangerine, raspberry.

Alcohol: orange, mango, a little tequila.

way, berry smoothies are a real ice-rescue from a hangover.History is silent, who first came up with mix and beat all kinds of products.The championship itself is credited with the athletes, fans and cold coffee Gliss, and farmers, and bodybuilders.But it is known who opened the first smoothie cafe.This is Steve Kahnau.He was a child is allergic to foods.But once tasted smoothies, he noticed that an allergic reaction to it is a miracle he has not.And he decided that other people should know about the miraculous cocktail called a smoothie.Smoothies Cafe can now be found not only in the European countries.Unfold it and we have.In ordinary cafes and bars they can also be found on the menu.Just something and need - a glass filled with smoothie, straw and good music.If you are interested in the useful properties and preparing smoothies, then - go ahead!Dare, create, experiment!

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