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Adygei salt - a favorite product of Caucasian centenarians

Adygei salt - etosol and garlic, with a variety of pripravamii spices such as dill, coriander, parsley, Chaman, jata, savory, chernyyperets, red bell peppers, and others. But salt is not simply mixed with them, so aprigotovlena, chtokristalliki regular table solivpitali a beneficial properties of garlic, spices, seasonings and through nihperedayutsya in dishes.

What adygeyskayasol helpful?

  • This salt, due to its composition, enriched with vitamins dishes.

    Garlic since ancient times been used for the prevention and treatment of many diseases.It has antibacterial properties, strengthens the immune system.Spices and seasonings are filled with useful trace elements and vitamins.

  • gives the dish a pleasant aroma and unique flavor.

    smell of garlic in the Adygei salt does not feel it is removed spices and seasonings.Cooking with a salt dish becomes tastier.It is used instead of regular salt in the preparation of crackers, salads, cereals, soups, fish, when salted and pickled vegetables and meat.

  • Adygei salt needed for salting dishes less than usual.

    proven by laboratory tests conducted at the Federal Center of Sanitary Inspection of the Republic of Adygea that using Adygei salt dishes needed salt is generally less than 12-15%, and it has beneficial effects on health.

How prigotovitadygeyskuyu salt at home?

Adygei salt is sold in major supermarkets, but it can be done dovolnolegko in domashnihusloviyah.


  • 500 g common salt (preferably iodine or sea)
  • 1 head of garlic (if you like garlic can be and 2).
  • 1 tbsp.l.hops-suneli, ground coriander (seeds), dried coriander, dill, parsley, basil (Regan), marjoram, savory
  • 1 ch. pepper, ground red sweet (paprika)
  • 0.5 h. hot pepper.

number and sostavspetsy adjusted according otvkusovyh preferences, for example, ktolyubit witty, you can increase krasnyymoloty pepper.


Take garlic and purified, and then milled at pomoschichesnokodavilki or float can prostoochen and finely chop.In dobavlyaemspetsii garlic and salt.The resulting mixture sleduettschatelno pound and pound.Poluchitsyamokrovataya of garlic granular salt.

adygeyskuyusol better Store in tightly zavinchivayuscheysyakryshkoy a glass jar in a dry place.

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