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Special exercises, proper nutritious food for the eyes, and you can save the owl wholly sight!Do

often breaks when working at the computer, looking at a number of standing items.Let your eyes relax.Give up smoking and alcohol.Nicotine is rapidly dilates blood vessels, and then they narrow it adversely affects the circulation of the head and eyes.Most go for a walk before going to bed.Oxygenated body, you sposobstvuesh restore vision.

Eyes is very important vitamin C. Revision of the diet that it had sufficient vitamin that protects the retina of our eyes.Eat more than citrus fruits, cranberries.Equally useful for vision mineral - zinc.The trace element found in sweet peppers, pumpkin seeds, fresh beets.For the prevention of cataracts, doctors often prescribe a diet for patients.Another important element that should arrive in sufficient quantities in your body, to avoid problems with the eyes - calcium.It is found in dairy products, helps to strengthen the tissue of the eye, is struggling with children'

s myopia.

Vitamins E, A, beta-carotene, containing the antioxidants help to strengthen the walls of blood vessels and capillary system, improve vision, sharpness sight.Contained in the carrots and blueberries.No wonder, these products are referred to as "first aid kit for the eyes."The only important point, carrots contained therein beta-carotene is not absorbed without fat.Therefore, currently preparing a salad of carrot, carefully add sour cream or olive oil.

For our eyes are very important unsaturated fatty acids omega 3. Our body does not produce them himself, so access is so important trace elements we need to provide for yourself.Eat more often fish dishes.Especially a lot of omega-3 fatty acids found in tuna and salmon.A little bit of lemon juice or olive oil can help to learn this important element.

offers several recipes for healthy meals for our eyes.Just a couple of minutes in the kitchen and you can cook healthy and nutritious mix for your eye.

Salad "carrots and nuts."

You will need: a small handful of walnuts, a bunch of parsley, 2 fresh carrots, 2 tablespoons of sour cream, 1 tablespoon of olive oil.

Clear carrots, grate.Finely chop the parsley and nuts (you can grate).Season salad with sour cream and butter.Stylish and elegant, you can arrange the salad.Add a few cloves of peeled orange or tangerine, you can add a tablespoon of honey.

Delicious and healthy salad ready for the eyes!

blueberry sorbet.

You will need: 200 grams of mascarpone cheese, 2 tablespoons sugar, 500 grams of blueberries, 2 refrigerated protein, a little salt.

In bleneder need to beat the blueberries and sugar.Add mascarpone, move.The resulting mass lay out the form and put in the freezer.Protein shake up in foam (as for meringue), add salt.Carefully pour the resulting foam to the mass of sorbet and mix with a spoon from the bottom up.Put it in the freezer.Periodically stir the masses.Serve get useful and delicious dessert can be kremanki.For decoration use sprig of mint.

Roll of salmon with lemon.

You will need: 2 kg salmon 2 tablespoons grainy mustard, salt, pepper, a bunch of parsley, tarragon and dill, 2 lemon.

cleaned fish: separate head, tail, bones (all this can boil and cook the broth).Mix the juice of one lemon with one tablespoon of mustard and a tablespoon of olive oil.Pour a mixture of fish, leave for 20 minutes.Greens finely chopped, the second lemon cut into neat slices.Put them between two halves of the fish layer.Add salt and pepper and bake in a preheated oven at 180 ° C min 40.

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