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Useful properties: Mandarin

Mandarin - fruit is difficult. It was named in honor of the rulers of ancient China.Fragrant citrus with their juicy flesh and rich flavor is a great luxury at the time.Could afford them only the rich and noble people of the country - tangerines.Curiously, the official clothing of the imperial officials in ancient China was a bright orange - that's you and there is a resemblance.It is thanks to the excellent taste, fresh aroma and sunny colors, tangerine and got their "Royal" title.Then there was the custom to present the fruits of the tangerine trees rulers of China in a sign of devotion and reverence.Sweet citrus long ceased to be a deficit, but the reverent attitude to this little sun remained.In China they are - a powerful talisman, a symbol of happiness, luck, health and longevity, and in Europe - an indispensable attribute of the New Year and Christmas.Indeed, well, what the New Year without mandarins?

most important advantage small Exotic experts believe the high content of ascorbic acid - up
to 55%!Eating just two or three Mandarin a day, we strengthen the immune system and reduces the level of cholesterol in the blood.The pulp of the fruit also contains vitamin D, known antirachitic activity, and vitamin K, which provides the elasticity of blood vessels.Rich citrus and B vitamins - they normalize sleep, improves memory and metabolism.But that is not all!Recently, Japanese scientists have shown that drinking mandarin juice almost 9% reduces the risk of developing liver cancer, viral hepatitis and diabetes.Researchers believe that the healing properties of this fruit are associated with high content of provitamin A. Incidentally, the same pro-vitamin helps us to improve vision and reduce eye fatigue.Tangerines accelerate the body's metabolism, increase appetite and improve digestion, they are indispensable in times of shortage of vitamins.

In folk medicine, tangerines treat everything. Or almost all.Decoctions and infusions of the peel - an excellent tonic, antipyretic, antiemetic and astringent.If you have a cold, flu, fever, remember that not only fresh tangerine good thirst quencher, but also helps to quickly cope with the disease.The Secret - in a volatile, natural antiseptics, which fight infections of the upper respiratory tract.Moreover, citrus contains a substance which has a strong decongestant and decongestant properties.This makes the "red-headed doctor" saving tool in the treatment of asthma and bronchitis.To clear the lungs of mucus, it is enough to drink a glass of tangerine juice in the morning for a few days.
with loss of appetite, this fruit improves digestion.It also relieves vomiting, abdominal pain and stops diarrhea.Despite a lot of useful properties of tangerines, children under seven years of age and allergies, it is desirable to use them with caution because of the risk of allergic reactions.Not suitable "sweet medicine" and people with high acidity of gastric juice, gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer.
If we were rating the products to maintain the beauty, Mandarin would just hit the top ten.First of all, because it is one of the most low-calorie fruit (100 grams - just 40 kcal), and therefore can not be afraid of the figure.Furthermore, gold fruit widely used in cosmetics.

mandarin oil solve the problem of stretch marks on the skin of the abdomen, thighs and buttocks, often used for resorption of scars and postnatal seams.To become less visible stretch marks, dilute one part of the ball in the three parts of the oil plant and rub the skin problem areas once or twice a day.From the pulp of exotic fruits can be prepared mask loses its elasticity and prone to skin rashes.Here's how: peeled and finely sliced ‚Äč‚Äčtangerines mash with a wooden spoon.The resulting slurry Apply to face, neck, chest, shoulders, and cover with gauze.After 15 min.the pulp can be washed with boiled water at room temperature and do not forget the cream.This procedure is perfectly tones and refreshes tired skin and improves the complexion, smooths wrinkles, promotes renewal process.Delicate aroma of mandarin helps to relax, relieve stress and feel like a goddess.

in buying mandarins have their wisdom .Pay attention to the weight of the fruit.The bigger, the better.If the fruit seems too heavy for its size - it is likely that before you a decent, sweet and juicy citrus representative.On the palate exotic, and you can guess their origin.Thus, the Moroccan fruit bright orange - sweet and seedless, yellow-greenish Turkish - with a light acidity and a lot of bones.Their Spanish counterparts differ large size, thick skinned and sweet taste.Each overseas varieties are their fans.But fans want to warn candied tangerine.The exporting countries to protect the fruit from pests and diseases are widely used various chemicals.These substances are accumulated mainly in the fruit peel.In addition to longer mandarins were stored, they are covered with a special composition of the wax-like substances and preservatives, and then polished to a high gloss."Laminated kind of" skin - further proof that there can not be.

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