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It is useful if the adult milk


contained in the milk of active elements repair damaged hair, makes them elastic and shiny.To do this, you need to make kefir mask.Rub into the hair kefir or yogurt, Wrap a towel and go as 40 minutes.This procedure will make your hair alive, brilliant, help get rid of split ends.Even in ancient times, our grandmothers used this mask to hair grew thick and shiny.


cup of yogurt, fresh tremor (piece 1h1sm), a teaspoon of honey.Mix all in one beaker and place in a warm place, for example, in hot water for 20 minutes.On the surface of the foam is formed, which must be applied to the hair, roll up a towel and hold for 40 minutes.After the rinse shampoo.This mask is done every day in the first week, then you can 2 times.From the constant exposure mask hair is voluminous, the section of the tips are restored, there is a gloss.

equally useful for hair yoghurt mask.Rub yogurt in your hair Wrap a towel and leave for an hour.Rinse with water or shampoo.

Another useful hair mask - egg.You will

need 2 eggs, half a cup of milk.Mix everything in a single container and apply the mixture on the hair.Leave on for 40-60 minutes.Eggs for this time restore the cross-section of the ends of damaged hair, moisturize and nourish the milk hair useful elements.


Even in ancient times, our grandmothers knew the healing power of fresh milk for the skin.To get at home, "the likeness of fresh milk", you will need fresh milk and hot water, which is necessary to dilute the milk.Warm milk should be diluted to wash several times.The skin will absorb the useful elements, moisturizing.Then, it is worth getting wet face with a cotton pad and apply a moisturizing cream on the face is still wet.Thanks to milk, facial skin becomes soft, velvety color aligned, it becomes lighter.

get rid of bags under the eyes and bruises to help cotton pads soaked in milk, and the application for 15 minutes to centuries.The same effect has the cheese.Wrap it in cheesecloth and apply to eyelids for 10 minutes.

Ice Cube consisting of milk and water in equal proportions, rejuvenates the skin, tones the skin layer.After a week of daily wipe face such an ice cube, your skin will become more supple and fresh.


very beneficial to the skin of hands will sour cream mask at night.Apply the cream on your hands, wear special gloves, and in the morning you will be surprised how soft and velvety skin in your hands.

warm milk with honey has a positive effect on the skin of hands, nails, helps to get rid of dryness and cracks.This bath is ideal in the winter, when our skin suffers the most from the cold and wind.

get rid of cellulite help a special scrub.Mix ground coffee with honey and sour cream (cream).From this mixture your skin will take all the useful becomes Bole soft, supple.Caffeine helps burn fat, milk and honey to moisturize and tone the skin.Apply a small amount of scrub on the problem areas and rub massage movements.You can leave a few minutes, then rinse with plain water.

Milk baths have a relaxing and calming effect.Besides the fact that your skin is moistened and becomes velvety, you relax and you withdraw from all the cares of the day and experience.In the bathroom you will need a standard 1 liter of milk and a little honey.

milk contains many nutrients and mineral substances, vitamin D, B1 and B2, phosphorus, potassium, iron, and of course the calcium.The protein contained in dairy products, is absorbed by the body better than meat protein.Lactose is found in milk, helps to improve digestion, whey stimulates the removal of excess fluid from the body of toxins and harmful substances, improves metabolism.

Ironically, milk helps in the fight against excess weight.The more calcium in the body, the less fat.In addition, calcium is responsible for strong bones, strong nails hair contributes to more rapid lipolysis.Modern dairy products are so diverse that everyone can find exactly what is right and just like him.

Based on the foregoing, we can safely conclude that the "drink milk - be healthy!"

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