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Food consumption in a small amount

Want to lose weight?Eat 24 hours a day!
«Power pasture" - so some people call this system maloportsionnogo food - much more effective for weight control than the ascetic diet.Studies show that consumption of food in a small amount promotes continuous maintenance of normal levels of blood sugar and metabolism.
When we eat only three times, respectively, over and over, our body immediately receives a huge amount of energy - the "fuel" - the excess of which is deposited in the fat.A small, frequent meals evenly deliver the required amount of energy during the day.

big plus small portions
support the energy and consume food in small quantities.Food supplies energy to the body - functioning, the body that energy burns.Easily upset the fragile balance, skipping meals, or for too long without food.When the level of blood sugar fairly high, we feel full of energy.When the level drops, we feel heaviness in the whole body.Therefore, in order to feel full of energy throughout the day - there is often a need t

hat will maintain a stable blood sugar level.

accelerate metabolism .Our body is genetically programmed to save energy when stopped eating.The level of sugar in the blood decreases every 3 hours, so if we do not eat, to thereby increase the level, and metabolism slows down.Nutritionists point out that the 3 meals a day for women have a higher body fat percentage, which, in their opinion, formed from the large breaks between meals.

Lose Weight. is difficult to lose weight when the body is trying to grab every calorie.A low blood sugar - one of the promoters of hunger.Besides, long breaks between meals lead to irrational choice of dishes.If you're really hungry, but the beam found in the refrigerator of crude carrots and a slice of cake, what will be your choice?And this choice quickly leads to weight gain.A frequent meals will not appear insane hunger.Food consumption in a small amount effectively always affects the female figure.

Stabilize mood. Food and mood are interrelated, and more frequent food intake contributes to change the chemical composition of the brain.The main thing - to include in the diet of complex carbohydrates - fruits, vegetables and whole culture - they stabilize the level of serotonin - the chemical composition of the brain that improve mood.And this is precisely the principle of action of antidepressants.These drugs increase serotonin levels and prevent its rapid and strong decline."Often" eating the same function.

consume food in a small amount
follows the girls who lead a sedentary and inactive lifestyle.
reduces the level of cholesterol in the blood.The research results of frequent power maloportsionnogo conducted at the University of Toronto showed that all participants cholesterol levels decreased by 8%, and the level of "harmful» (LDL) cholesterol - by 12%.Ordered food helping to maintain blood sugar levels and decrease insulin adhesions, which stimulate the production of cholesterol.
How to switch to the consumption of food in a small amount?This requires discipline, and for some, and lifestyle changes.But to change their eating habits is still easier than stick to a strict diet.
Goal - Power over 2-3 hours.When the portions are small, the attention should be paid to their quality.Make sure that the diet included protein, complex carbohydrates, high fiber, and healthy fats.Protein and fiber give the feeling of satiety.Complex carbohydrates are digested slowly, without affecting the level of sugar in the blood;fat, which also is digested slowly, charging the body with energy immediately, but long after the meal.

You can try to start to 6 small servings or equal to 3 with 2-3 small snacks throughout the day.
body requires diversity, so do not be afraid to show imagination and mix different products.Spread a little cottage cheese on a slice of wholemeal bread or put ogypets whisk or hard-boiled egg, a glass of tomato juice and garnish with celery.It is necessary to review the concept of their own batch control so as not to consume more than the required number of calories per day.In restaurants, order a hearty appetizer as a main dish or, before proceeding to a selected dish, put half - you can take home.
to limit portions, remind yourself how after eating there is a feeling of heaviness in the stomach.Ask yourself before the meal, if you really want to eat it all, knowing that it will be then to nod, sitting at the table.
necessary to consider the full menu for the day and put food on plastic containers that can be taken with you to work or who will be waiting for you when you return home.

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