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Cooking food in McDonald's

modern pace of life does not leave us the opportunity to spend time with a full dinner.Endless meetings, meetings, daily worries make us on the way to another meeting to run into Makndonalds and eat a couple of burgers, to be satisfied and to be full of energy for further work.There are many myths about how to prepare and what the most delicious fast food at McDonald's, but not all of them are supported by facts and evidence.So, what are myths about Makkdonaldse far-fetched?


Somehow assumed that the chicken wings and feet fly in the restaurant chain McDonald's in America.This is not true.Chicken fast food supplier is the company "Cargill", which is located on French territory.To prepare Chicken MakNagtes use only white and tender chicken.Chicken prepared Makchiken of white and dark meat.

McDonald's is working with European suppliers of poultry meat and products from it, that conduct careful selection of meat from farmers whose poultry farms meet the requirements of the program MAAR (Spec

ial Programme for McDonald control and guarantee the quality of agricultural products).This method of selection allows you to select only the best quality products and to monitor the whole process of delivery at various fast food restaurants McDonald's.

French company "Cargill" regularly conducts inspections, during which the company's employees visit the farms of its suppliers for the purpose of quality control and compliance with chicken standard program MAAR.Each employee must accurately and poultry farms treat animals humanely."In order to get a quality product, poultry must be kept in a comfortable environment: good lighting, noise floor, feeders and cells must be made of environmentally friendly materials, have to stand in such a way so as not to injure the chicken."


visitors, fans and opponents McDonald sure appetizer chicken nuggets, chicken patties fried in butter harmful.However, it is not.For frying these foods in the kitchen fast food chain uses only pure, refined sunflower oil.This oil is characterized by a reduced content of cholesterol, trans and saturated fatty acids.To control the oil in the fryer using special test strips that are designed to show the presence of high concentrations of fatty acids in the vat.In this case, the oil is immediately changed to a new one.The process is very similar to the test chemistry lesson: restaurant manager puts a test strip in the hot oil and the results of the color strips determines the quality of the oil.

repeat sales.

a mistake, and the following statement: all the products that have not bought again warm up and try to sell to other visitors.The fast-food chain McDonald's all cooked foods are not stored for more than 10 minutes.There is a special heated cabinet, equipped with a computer that controls the note the time and temperature required for high-quality storage.This equipment is regularly tested by an independent company, every few months, undergo preventive maintenance of equipment for food storage.

employee dining room upon receiving the order takes out of the closet for the storage of products required number of nuggets and Chicken McNuggets for sale to customers.Ready cheeseburgers, hamburgers, sandwiches and Chicken Maknaggetsya stored no more than 10 minutes, and then they are thrown out.

secret of the company.

All Recipes McDonald's stores in the strictest confidence, because it is the secret of the company and know-how development.This is not true.Reveal a secret sandwich with chicken cutlet: toasted bun, one of its halves put fresh salad, chicken, vegetables, pour sauce, served on top of the second half of the heated rolls, and voila, the chicken cutlet sandwich is ready!