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The benefits of dairy products

The stores offer us sterilized milk, pasteurized, restored.Recovery called milk prepared by adding water to the dry milk powder.Powdered milk is prepared from whole by removing moisture.So there are all the useful vitamins and minerals.The standardized milk is considered milk in which the fat content has been brought to the desired proportions.Doctors recommend consuming milk with a fat content not exceeding 3.5%.
To increase the shelf life of milk, it is subjected to heat treatment.Heating to 135 degrees Celsius and quenching - is sterilization.In this treatment killed all harmful, and along with them and useful to the body bacteria.By the way at this milk can not be at home to cook any yogurt or kefir from starters.But there are vitamins.Shelf-life UHT milk can be up to six months.
During pasteurization milk is heated to 80 degrees Celsius.It can be kept considerably smaller - up to 5 days.But most of the vitamins and minerals are retained in the product.In addition, there is a concept - "ultra-pasteu

rization".This heating up to 120-140 degrees.From this sterilization process is different retention time of the product at high temperature under ultra-pasteurization is several seconds, during sterilization - a few minutes, after which the milk is aseptically packed in a special container.Much more vitamins in milk remains after the ultra-pasteurization.

Among kislomolochnyhmolochnyh products as used most - yogurt.The advantages it is a significant amount of trace elements contained therein.It is rich in vitamins A, B, D, folic acid.By the way, nonfat yogurt nutrients is much less than in fat.
Kefir - a product unique.In our intestines accumulates a lot of harmful bacteria that are believed to cause premature aging of the body, and there is the cause of many diseases.When injected into yogurt intestine inhibits the activity of pathogenic microorganisms outside.And Supplements also strengthen the immune system.The Japanese, for example, yogurt is considered a cure for cancer.And the use of the Caucasian peoples of dairy products is one of the reasons for longevity.Kefir also has the ability to influence the intestinal peristalsis.Fresh yogurt day increases peristalsis and has laxative properties.Kefir three - four - crepe.

If kefir heterogeneous structure, ie there are flakes or lumps, then a low-quality product: a violation of the technology of manufacture or storage.This yogurt is better not to eat.
When choosing yogurt in the store pay attention to the inscriptions on the package.It should contain components.Packages with natural yogurt - milk and kefir starter.If the composition of bifidobacteria added, the product is called biokefir.And accelerate the absorption of bifidobacteria milk an adult.But if it is written on the package that it is composed of milk and lactic acid bacteria, it is yogurt, which can be made at home, by simply turning sour milk, but it is not yogurt.This product is not bad, it is its useful, but to write on the label that it is no longer possible to yogurt.Well, remember that the smaller the shelf life of a particular product the better.

Experts believe that a year each person should eat about 10 kg of curd.Cottage cheese - the main products supplied by calcium.Its in the product so much, and he is so easily digested, it is very difficult to replace the cottage cheese look.
choosing cheese, pay attention to the labels on the packaging.If it says that it is a milk product, it is not natural cheese and imitation of him.In the manufacture of such milk product used specific: it replaced expensive proteins and fats of low oil.This cheese can be both bold and skim.
Despite the diversity of supply in the market of dairy products from the vast number of manufacturers - the choice is yours.

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