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Fragrant, tasty and healthy honey

But no mishap did not affect his optimism and wonderful appetite.Winnie the Pooh is impossible to imagine otherwise than in an embrace with a pot of honey.Teddy hero eats honey in large quantities, and composes a huge amount of good-natured fun songs.There is a persistent belief that the "bear" and "honey" - same root word.And that is the love of honey helps the Winnie-the-Pooh in his cheerful work.And this belief makes us a closer look at this wonderful amber delicacy.

After all, our ancestors guessed about the healing properties of honey for many, many centuries before the English writer AA Milne came up with a wonderful story.At the mention of this delicious product, but even more so by its smell, Winnie the Pooh loses his head and otherwise control.It can not, for example, resist and empties a pot of honey, cooked in a gift Eeyore.A bit strange, but even so greed is sympathetic and understanding (perhaps, each of us recalls themselves in similar situations).It shows miracles ingenuity and dexterit
y, trying to get a drop of honey.After all, fragrant, tasty and healthy honey does not happen much.
The fact that honey - the product is not only delicious, but also useful, our first parents guessed many, many centuries ago.No honey, we do not care what no potatoes - just impossible to do.After all, it is a cure and treat and pleasure drink and delicious additive to baking, and excellent cosmetic creams and masks ...

The more useful than the rich honey?
Many are unaware that they have at home in a glass jar with honey kept the whole kit.The golden delicacy contains almost all chemical elements and substances necessary for the proper functioning of the body.In addition, they absorbed almost 100%.Honey promotes the absorption of calcium necessary for daily metabolism, increases the level of hemoglobin in the blood, increases overall vitality and increases the body's resistance to infections.
addition, the reception honey sedative effect on the central nervous system.Unfortunately, sometimes there is a risk to buy counterfeit product - the same "wrong honey". And the matter here is not "wrong bees."Unscrupulous sellers can fool even the bees!How to protect yourself from fake?But fragrant, tasty and healthy honey - bees great merit.

from the fake honey even the great gourmand Winnie the Pooh teddy turn away your nose.Sweetly, of course, but Noise Maker and songs of praise for some reason not invented.Even boring!After the consumption of honey is particularly well sung any Chants and vopilki.
Remember: "Honey - this is a very tricky subject too!" And finally, will only warn those mothers whose babies are prone to allergic reactions.All the same, anyway, honey - the product of allergens and pipsqueak can after eating, to get "nasty" rash on the cheeks. If a baby is allergic, do not completely rule out the honey from his diet, but mindlessly add it allis not worth it. Try to offer your child a little, and if there is an allergy, gently increase the dose. After all, fragrant, tasty and healthy honey no one and never gave up! Eat honey for yourself, treat your friends and loved ones, and you will always be healthy!

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