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Eat well to prolong their lives

Brewing most significant event in human history - the emergence telomerazoterapii that allows live to a ripe old age.While this idea is still in diapers, we restrict ourselves to what has already been: Can not slow down the aging process a balanced diet - "draconian" low-calorie, but a balanced diet.Let's take a look at the how to eat well, to extend its life.
1. Power must fully meet the body's need for protein, fat and carbohydrates to meet modern representations about the harmful effects on the body of excess amounts of these substances;provide vitamins, mineral salts, organic acids and water.Vegetable and milk diet to include eggs, fish, seafood should provide all of these requirements.
2. The diet should be balanced by the biologically active substances (cardamom, coriander, cumin, onion, garlic), which contain a lot of organic acids, essential oils, volatile fractions (volatile production), glycosides and other substances.
3. The total amount of food consumed should comply with energy costs.A formu
la in the preparation of food should take into account gender, age, nature of work, its activity in her nervous system, the area of ​​habitat and time of year.This amount is determined by floor plate.
4. It is important to know the biological properties of foods, their chemical composition, and a method of cooking.Potatoes, for example, not cooked, and by removing the float surface layer on cut tuber slices, they are impregnated with oil and fried until cooked in a toaster.
5. Limit the nutritional intake of animal fat, preferring vegetable oil (about 40-50 grams per day).Maximum limit meat and meat products, concentrated broth, rich in extractive substances, sugar, white bread, pastries, and other high-calorie, but low value bio food (instead of bread - flat cakes baked from wheat germ and barley).
6. Maximum satiate your diet raw food or juice having enzyme activity;low-calorie, rough, raw, but biologically valuable food containing a significant amount of fiber, for a long shchazhenie secretory apparatus of the stomach with the help of a diet containing pathogens malofiziologicheskih appetite, adversely affects the stomach.We must remember that fiber - no ballast substances.It is absolutely necessary for normal digestion and promotes the excretion of excess cholesterol.One reason for the increase in the incidence of atherosclerosis is that modern human food contains much less fat than you need.And it is very important to introduce fiber crops, contributing to the development of beneficial microflora.
7. Maintain optimal acid-base balance with a predominance of alkaline food.Copious amounts of vegetables and fruits meets this need.
8. Very useful contrast diet, such as fasting diet - apple (2 kg of apples per day), milk (1.5-2 liters), rice-Compote and so on. D.
9. For a time should not eat tooa lot of.Digestive juices are not able to process large amounts of food, and the activity of the enzymes themselves at the same time significantly reduced.Therefore, we should have from four to seven times a day.But the last meal should be two to three hours before bedtime.
10. It should be slowly and chew food.It is important to not less than what you eat.Learn to eat slowly, focusing on dental apparatus and chew food as long as it does not turn into a soft mush.Occasionally stop: maybe eaten enough?Our body has inherited the habit from their ancestors - he is ready to suck the store.So do not trust his wishes and go from the table with a slight feeling of hunger.
11. Regularly watch your weight, keep it at an optimum level with the floor scales.
12. systematically dosed fasting (once a week during the day).
13. Strive to ensure that each dish was not only useful and delicious, but also beautifully decorated.
14. transition to a new diet must not be rushed, it is not necessary to break sharply over the years traditions.Isolation of enzymes and digestive juices - automatic tuned for processing certain foods, their relationship and volume.Unexpected changes can catch the enzyme system by surprise, and then run short stimulants, indigestion, loss of confidence in the prescribed diet.Change the power necessary to gradually, little by little, to allow the gastrointestinal tract to restructure its work with the new requirements.The easiest way to start a new diet after a short fast (one to three days).
15. Before the meal is useful for 10-15 minutes exercise breathing exercises that calm you, distract from the cares and worries of the day.If you're serious about anything upset perform breathing exercises, in addition to passing psychotherapy.Think about something pleasant - Events, facts, man, examine the object in detail, posmakuyte positive emotion until she finally replace negative.
16. After the meal, the mouth should be cleaned from food residues, rinse thoroughly with water and using a toothpick, if necessary.Perhaps the food here and there will therefore be useful to hold in the mouth for 10-15 minutes, date-bone, chew gum.Roth is further cleaned and released at the same alkaline saliva prevents activity of microorganisms that produce acid damaging teeth.
17. The first breakfast should not be early.Gastrointestinal tract - most intensively working body, in fact, he is resting only at night, it is advisable to add him time to rest, to extend the gap between dinner and breakfast.
18. breakfast, lunch and dinner, preferably one or with family and friends, in a relaxed informal atmosphere.This is very important.And here's why.The team on the development and selection of juices, to give the brain goes through the autonomic nervous system, in particular, via the vagus nerve.Stressed nervous system can cause misalignment of the optimal control and lead to gastro-intestinal diseases."Leave all your worries at the front, before going into the dining room, - writes about this famous English physiologist Giustina says - otherwise you'll be swallowed with meals negative emotions, and thus slowly but continuously take the poison."And we need to eat well, to prolong his life.

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