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joy for the sweet tooth, a means of raising the mood and relieve stress.If you want to lose weight and get rid of the hated folds on the stomach, you are likely to rule out the chocolate from your diet.And it is in vain!Chocolate contains antioxidants, anti-aging of the skin, reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease, cancer.

Mistakenly many believe that chocolate comes from headache or pimples.Do not believe it!Of course, if you have tons of sweet candy, you run the risk of diabetes, bad skin and so on.But we are talking about the infrequent use of chocolate.

recommendations : Choose a bitter dark chocolate, it has less additives, colorings, flavorings and other "chemistry".Do not eat a lot of chocolate.Choose only high-quality brand of chocolate.And from marmeladok, chocolates with fillings should be avoided.


Milk is the primary source of calcium needed by the body.Many adults give up drinking milk, or sitting on a diet, do not drink this healthy beverage.Regular consu

mption of milk reduces the risk of osteoporosis, helps fight obesity, lowers blood pressure.

recommendations : choose skim milk, it has less calories and from which appear hateful kilos.If you find it difficult to abandon the whole milk, then gradually move to a less fatty foods.


course, many cheeses contain a large amount of fat, but there are less high-calorie cheeses.Cheese is a source of calcium and amino acids.A linoevaya acid helps prevent the risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes and cancer.

Recommendations: low-fat cheeses help to get rid of unwanted fat.Choose cheese, cheeses, cheese from goat's milk.They diversify your diet, saturate the body with essential elements and will not harm the figure.


meat is a source of protein, nutrients needed by the body for normal functioning, vitamin B12, iron and zinc.So if you decide to eat only boiled chicken and fish, you should reconsider your choice.

Fresh fillet, sirloin, cooked in the oven, with a side dish of vegetables is a great light lunch or dinner.

and Recommendation: Do not cook meat in sunflower, the more butter!Prepare a delicious steak or stew is possible without the use of harmful components.I do not eat meat and potatoes, buckwheat, rice, pasta and bread.Our stomach can not digest both protein (meat) and carbohydrates (side dish), which leads to digestive problems, bloating, belching and heartburn.


Coffee drink is considered harmful because it increases aretrialnoe pressure leads to a malfunction of the heart, and more.Of course, it is necessary to give up the drink, if you have health problems.Naturally, you should not abuse the coffee and drink 10 cups a day.In other cases, the coffee beverage is useful!

coffee invigorates, improves concentration, elevates mood, reduces the manifestation of allergic reactions.A cup of coffee and a piece of dark chocolate can elevate mood, improve the well-being of any person.

recommendations : you should not drink coffee with sugar.Try to phase out the "sweet death" in favor of sweeteners.Do not drink more than two cups a day.Add only low-fat cream.


misconception that eggs high percentage of cholesterol.In contrast, in eggs contain saturated fats, which are useful for health heart muscle.Eggs are low in calories, contain lutein, an element useful for our eyes.

recommendations : eat boiled eggs hard boiled, soft-boiled, scrambled eggs with vegetables.Do not eat more than 3 eggs per day.


Nuts are high in calories, but they are a small number of very useful for our body.They contain healthy fats and minerals beneficial to the heart, help you quickly enough.

Nuts contain a lot of magnesium, which helps fight PMS, bloating, headache.

recommendations : do not abuse the nuts.It is enough to have a small handful of nut to the day to get all the elements necessary for normal body function.

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