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Tasty and healthy are on holidays

Queen buffet
This honorary status for a long time and deservedly won salted salmon - fish, so rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids class ohm-m-3, which is only 100 grams of the product contains a third of the daily requirement.A pyridoxine, which gained a reputation as an anti-PMS vitamin in salmon more than anywhere else.In general, if the average woman suddenly smitten with love for deep-sea fish, its beauty would be within the average!Hair would be thick, leather cleaner, heart and nervous system healthy.However, New Year's Eve decided to focus not on the "health" of potential food and its taste qualities.From this perspective, the combination of gentle piquant salt (salmon) and sweet bitter (grapefruit) has no equal!Experts say that while savoring this salad stand akin to those chemicals that the body produces when hugs and kisses.

The beef is nothing special?You just do not know how to cook!Firstly, the most important "special" in beef - is a high energy potential: eating steak with
blood, a person feels a surge of strength, twice the one that, after the same amount of pork or chicken.Secondly, iron and zinc "native" beef digested several times better than their plant analogs.Finally, linoleic acid, which a lot of beef and veal, normalizes important indicators of the blood, stimulates the immune system and reduces the risk of multiple malignancies in the body.If we talk about the properties of delicious dishes, the exquisite combination of beef and veal, well accentuated sharpness spice and tenderness cream can cause incredible feeling even the most discerning consumers.Tasty and useful thing there for the holidays - that's what fans diets dream.

reason for risk
It makes sense to let your adventurous beginning to take precedence over prudence at least in order to enjoy a triumphant taste of champagne!(Incidentally, the gourmets for whom the quality of supply is no less important than the quality of the beverage, it is recommended to rinse with distilled water glasses to protect themselves from foreign flavor.) Being an excellent aperitif, champagne, with its delicate aroma and taste of a good digestive system adjusts to the meal.The antioxidant properties of sparkling wine to help the body fight the effects of stress - protect the heart and blood vessels.A yeast that are introduced into the raw material before it becomes a noble beverage, enriched with vitamin A and its biologically active substances.The romantic flair, which gives the dessert of fresh fruit, shaded exquisite taste of champagne - nothing compared to the benefits for the body: it turns out, alcohol three times the antioxidant power of fruits and berries!In addition, the mix of firmness we associate with the holiday, so valeology (experts on healthy living) even recommend indulging desserts based on wine and fruit in the days when the mood is poor.

Creamy fun
If until now you thought that ice cream harms your health, then it is time to amazing discoveries!It is proved that icy treat helps produce serotonin - a substance responsible for stress tolerance and optimism.American scientists were able to measure the "level of happiness" in ice cream lovers and those who prefer other desserts - at first it was higher.A German Aesculapius found that the best ice cream relieves tension only meditation!The fact that the frozen cream contain natural tranquilizer L-tryptophan, which neutralizes the negative emotions.This allows you to use a cold dessert as the most delicious in the world of sleeping pills!But there are experts who are calling for ice cream treat more seriously - a gynecologist.The fact that a combination of milk protein and fat normalizes the menstrual cycle - sometimes only enough for a highly anticipated onset of pregnancy.The feeling of carelessness and causeless joy we feel while enjoying a popsicle or is sealed due to the memories of childhood, when ice cream was the embodiment of absolute happiness.Making ice cream part of the New Year cake or dessert, we are guaranteed to strengthen positive attitude and a sense of celebration!