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Ice cream - benefit or harm?

Of course, in today's Russia, you are unlikely to meet in the streets of many citizens who eat ice cream, but, however, it does not reduce the number of people who are not averse to eat delicious ice cream, even if the street thirty-degree frost.It helps to improve mood, relieve stress, energize, clear brain, satisfy hunger or cool off on a hot summer day.Meanwhile, professional nutritionists relation to the ice cream is very ambiguous.Someone says that it is possible to eat almost every day, others - insist that it is harmful and should not eat it more than once every two weeks.Try to understand, ice cream - harm or benefit.How to make ice cream at home?Reply to the first question, unfortunately, it can not be unambiguously.By the frequency and regularity of consumption of ice cream true statement about any food: everything is good in moderation.And, depending on the frequency of use and the internal characteristics of the organism, ice cream can be harmful and can be beneficial.But to start is to make
sense of what is ice cream.What it is, how it is made.

How is ice cream.

Ice cream can be tempered or soft.This depends on the manner in which the ice cream was produced.A distinctive feature is its soft delicacy temperature.It can not fall below - 5 ° C, it is very gentle, just tayaschee mouth, the shelf life at such a very small ice cream.Tempered ice cream is produced in factories at - 25 ° C, and can be stored for a long time, almost a year.For consistency, the ice cream is firm, dense, but no less delicious.Furthermore, ice cream differs in the degree of fat therein.Ice cream is the milk, cream, butter or berry.

composition of ice cream.

So, we have found that the ice cream is different in the number of fat.From the title it is clear that the fruit and berry ice cream fat is no, but there is sugar, which is 30% of the total volume of goodies.Fruit and berry ice cream is made from fruit purees, natural juices.

ice milk composition differs: it is much less sugar - only 15%, but there is fat.But, despite this, milk ice cream is one of the most grease.For example, in comparison to the fat content ice cream comes to 6% cream - 10% cream - 15% fat.The ice cream is also a sugar - 15%.It turns out that most fatty ice cream is ice cream.It is not recommended to have those who care about their health, she wants to lose weight.

Meanwhile, natural animal fats, which are part of the ice cream are beneficial to our body substances.It is a natural fat provides energy for our body nutrients, is used to build the immune system is involved in various metabolic processes.However, recently, manufacturers use inferior quality not natural animal fat and vegetable fat blend.In their words, ice cream, in which use such fats are less caloric, and more affordable.With vegetable fats reduces the cost of the product.Of course, it is true, but because of the fact that the use in the manufacture of various fillers and emulsifiers, ice cream becomes less useful if not more - harmful.Meanwhile, natural ice cream made from natural animal fats, very beneficial for our body.It contains valuable amino acids (approximately 20 pieces), fatty acids (25), minerals (30), vitamins (20) and other important enzymes, which are beneficial to our metabolism, the total work of the body.With this portion of ice cream made from natural ingredients, can satisfy your hunger, satisfy our body with essential elements and substances to charge our brains.Natural ice cream is made from fresh milk, very useful and nutritious.Incidentally, it is able to satisfy the hunger and cheer up better than some kind of chocolate bar.In addition, regular consumption of ice cream, according to doctors - otolaryngologists, ensures that our immune system gets used to the cold, and will not respond to another drop in temperature.Of course, they must tread lightly, especially because today there are other ways of hardening of the body.This is the first part of the question, "ice cream - harm or benefit.How to make ice cream at home. "

Ice cream - benefit or harm?

We turn to the question that worries many women, mothers, and grandmothers men: because ice cream is useful or not?The unequivocal answer, as we have seen, but there are categories of people who are ice cream is not that useful, and is contraindicated.As I wrote, if you watch your weight if you are overweight, diabetes, elevated cholesterol levels, you ice cream is contraindicated because of its high caloric content (especially in fatty foods is an indicator of the numbers may reach 500 kcal per 100g.).Those who have elevated levels of cholesterol, it is not necessary to buy ice cream, made from natural animal fats, it is better to opt for ice cream, prepared from natural vegetable oils.Nutritionists do not recommend choosing ice cream, which is composed of fruit or ice cream flavored fruit.The structure of such a treat, usually includes fruit essences and flavorings, artificial fillers.If you like fruit ice cream, it is best to buy fruit and berry ice cream.It is more natural and less "chemical".

Also, the ice cream is not recommended to use for those who suffer from high blood sugar levels.The fact is that the ice cream like product comprises an easily digestible sugar, which leads to an increase in blood glucose levels.Dairy ice cream is the least bold, but also contains harmful sugar.Many scientists believe that the ice cream can cause regular headaches.This incredible fact, however, has a right to exist.In addition, the medical statistics of the world, claims that nearly a third of people who suffer from headaches, experiencing it because of the ice cream, because regular consumption of this delicacy.The fact that the ice-cream during eating due to the cold vessels constrict, reduced body temperature, to our brain blood rushes smaller than usual, and that becomes a cause of headaches.This whole process is exacerbated if there is ice cream quickly, the process of vasoconstriction occurs even faster.

continue to find out the answers to the first part of the question: ice cream - harm or benefit?How to make ice cream at home.So, ice cream is also contraindicated for people who suffer coronary heart disease, caries, atherosclerosis.There are a favorite treat such people rarely recommend no more than three times a week.Also, it is necessary to allocate a separate category of children in those ice cream can be, but in limited quantities.Do not replace a full meal of ice cream.The views of experts, nutritionists how to feed the children ice cream - diverge.First consider that the ice cream can be given after a meal, a dessert.Others are convinced that this can not be done, because the ice cream slows down the digestive process and adversely affects the digestibility of nutrients and minerals from food.Meanwhile, we can give children ice cream, without spoiling their appetite and digestive system.For example, you can give a child ice cream in the afternoon.Especially with fruit, it will help the children's body more easily absorb the fat and sugar.

I want to note is how to eat ice cream.What is there to be able to, you might say.Meanwhile, if you're on a summer day bought ice cream on the street and going to eat it on the go, I can safely assure you that with delicacy, you eat street dust and exhaust gases, which immediately settle on the open ice cream.It is best to eat indoors.This could be a summer cafe.Ideally - at home.

Despite the fact that the ice cream is contraindicated for many people with various diseases, physicians of all countries agree that if you do not abuse the product and comply with the measure, the cold delicacy you can eat almost everything.In Russia, of course, I am very fond of ice cream, but, for comparison, we eat it seven times lower than in Europe or the United States.So, the first part of the question, "Ice cream - benefit or harm.How to make ice cream at home, "we have finished, we go to the second part.

How to make ice cream at home.

Despite the fact that the ice cream is sold in every store, much to cook tasty and healthy ice cream at home.For example, in order to prepare the ice cream in your kitchen, you will need the yolks and whipped cream.To give an original and delicious flavor in ice cream, you can add a little alcohol, honey or vanilla.

modern home appliances market offers a huge range of equipment, with which you can cook just about anything, including ice cream.In the shops you can easily find the freezer.It is an electric or manual.Manual freezer is a container in which there are two tank: external and internal.Inside is necessary to fill the future of ice cream, put the external tank, and rotate the knob 30-minute special.Ice cream is cool, but not cured.Manual freezer is cheaper than electric, but the process of making ice cream in such a device would be tedious for you, especially if you want to cook a lot of delicious goodies.In this case, it is better to buy an electric freezer.It entire freezing process takes place automatically.

Today, there are many recipes for homemade ice cream.However, some rules of cooking delicacies are valid for any type of ice cream, but their implementation will require you to be patient.To make your ice cream turned out tender and tasty all the products that will be used to create a sweet dessert, should be fresh.Cream with a fat content of 30% should be refrigerated.Egg yolks and sugar recommend whisking in a water bath until until a thick foam, which is necessary to cool over ice water.Quality ice cream will turn only when you whisk the whites until a state of "light."You saw how the snow glistens?You need to achieve the same effect.There is a small trick how to get it: you have to shake up proteins in a chilled bowl, add a little salt.The resulting mixture is important to quickly put in the freezer, otherwise it shall fade and lose its original flavor.This ice cream has the best as soon as it freezes.In the extreme case, during the first week, then the product will lose its flavor.Before serving homemade ice cream on the table, put him first on the bottom shelf in the refrigerator.Refreeze the ice cream is not recommended.Enjoy your meal!And be healthy!

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