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Useful and tasty food

No harmful pizza, hamburgers and hot dogs, yes - useful soups and cocktails.The latter can be prepared from crushed fruits, vegetables, fresh juice, ice cream, muesli, honey, milk, fiber and many others.Total rolled up one such nutrient composition may replace a full meal.

Due to its ease of liquid food is easily digested by our stomach, because the most difficult work for him made the blender and juicer.Energize you with a new vengeance will be able to work or study.From liquid food you will not be sleepy.You will visit a pleasant thought that you eat right and healthy food.There is reason to be proud of yourself!

For liquid food include drinking yoghurt and any that do not benefit our body (worth reading the full composition of the stabilizers, dyes and flavor enhancers).Carefully read the part of the purchased product.It should only natural ingredients.

Fresh juice can also be harmful to you if it is made from genetically-modified fruit or vegetable that is grown, dirt, pesticides and chemical addit

ives to make the presentation and the beautiful color.Nitrates, synthetic elements falling into our body of fruits and vegetables remain there forever.

liquid food liquid food is organic cocktails.For their preparation uses only natural products that have not been exposed to chemicals.You can combine and create any cocktail: carrots and celery, blackberries and strawberries, parsley and cucumber, banana and raspberries.Unleash your imagination and come up with a recipe for liquid food!

only drawback liquid food - expensive cost.Pure and natural organic products are more expensive than artificial.Thus, a glass of liquid food from the organic banana will cost about three times more expensive than usual.

on a variety of cocktails liquid food by professional nutritionists.Paris is the biggest cafes Smoothie Time, serving "liquid food."It worked as the chief dietician of the French tennis team.He carefully monitors the preparation of mineral cocktails.

in an excellent location in Paris is another bar Lood, where visitors are offered various options for liquid food.Located next to the restaurant exchange trading, and work on that all potential customers: brokers, brokers who do not have time to eat normally.Owners of cafes Lood understand that their work for the nervous customers are not suitable dietary cocktails, so the menu shows different and useful liquid food that can satisfy and energize everyone.

Prepare liquid food, and can be at home.Here are a few recipes tasty and healthy liquid food.Avocado, apple juice and wheat germ, milled in a blender satiate you and give energy for the whole day.Bananas, strawberries and a little milk will allow you to indulge in after a hard day's work.

to a healthy and wholesome food are also germinated cereals.Add to your diet vegetarian food to cleanse the body and the saturation of its beneficial trace elements, vitamins and minerals.In plant foods contain a lot of protein, and the element that we usually get from meat.

Regular consumption of sprouted grains to prevent the development of chronic diseases.Radish, rice, wheat, soybeans, barley, you can have both in plain sight, and in addition to various dishes.

no less useful for our body and exotic products: pepper, cinnamon, turmeric, rosemary, tarragon, coriander, tarragon, thyme, ginger, curry.Spices include antioxidants that inhibit the development of cancer cells, reducing cholesterol levels, and generally beneficial organisms.