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Bread: composition, useful properties.

Incidentally, the producers themselves bread called not only as "canned bread".Technology of production of loaves of simple and cunning.In a large tank kneaded yeast dough, which is left for some time that it could be ferment.Then, it is formed by making a notch in it and sent to the oven for baking.The finished product is cut, packaged, packed boxes and poisoned the shop for sale.It should be noted that the production technology remains unchanged for many years.However, many years ago, in the days of our grandparents and great-grandmothers, used for making loaves of rye-wheat flour, the dough was added a small amount of spices or herbs to make the unusual fragrance products.Name loaves reflect their composition, purpose and recipe.Bread, called "home", "cutlery", "amateur", "sports" and "dessert."

Bread has always been popular among those who want to lose weight and lose weight.Women dream about how to get rid of extra kilos with the help of loaves, which is a substitute for bread, alternative power.M

eanwhile, the bread is not only useful to women who want to lose weight and get rid of extra folds, but also many others.In principle, a new development of our generation are grain bread.In appearance they resemble the mass of bright colors and porous texture.They have their own special manufacturing technology, which is called the "method of extrusion."It consists in the following: wet mix, which includes grain, flour and eggs, enters the tank, wherein the temperature is kept fixed.Under the influence of the hot air the moisture contained in the mixture is converted into steam, which breaks the mixture inside, thereby breaking the upper shell.Starchy and proteinaceous mass which is contained in the mixture under heat is heated, whereby lozenges are formed.Production of such loaves of possible grain of any culture.For example, the mixture may be made from corn, rice, wheat, rye, barley, buckwheat and rye.So, we continue to consider the question: "bread: the use of the composition.How to choose? »

Bread: good.

So, let's see what is the use of loaves.To begin, it is important to understand the following point: bread in its composition is much more useful than ordinary bread.They contain much more vitamins, minerals that are so beneficial to our body for its work, the normal functioning.That in loaves contains more vitamin and mineral elements, it is a consequence of the following.Firstly, to prepare loaves of flour used only the lower grades.In such flour contains initially much more useful minerals and vitamins, which should arrive daily in our body for normal functioning of the digestive system, for full metabolism.Another reason that much useful bread loaves, is that during production in the mixture from which bread mold and then add special supplements.For example, wheat bran, beta-keratin, sea kale, carrots.Of course we are talking about natural products.Unfortunately, the usual bread you can not add more than 10% of the bran from the main structure.This happens due to the fact that the mixture from which the bread should be viscous and bran loose weight do not suitable for baking.The technology of loaves in turn allowed the addition of any other components in any amounts.Another important advantage of the loaves is that they have no yeast.Because of this, they may be there are people who refuse to conventional bread because its composition has a yeast that cause heartburn and discomfort after eaten a piece of bread.

continue to consider the production technology loaves.For the preparation of this product can be used a variety of cereals and cereal mixture, rich in vitamins and mineral complexes.The usual bake bread or rye flour or wheat.Such a possibility is not an ordinary bread - made from various mixtures of cereal grains.In addition, the loaves contains fiber, which is so necessary to our body for normal functioning of all internal systems.Modern man, who lives in the city, at a furious pace, often suffers from a lack of useful substances such as cellulose.Did you know that the lack of fiber can cause many diseases.For example, such as diabetes, atherosclerosis, gallstone disease, and other kidney.The cause of these diseases is the disturbed metabolism, which in turn does not receive the right amount of fiber.In addition, it is useful fiber has a beneficial effect on the work of the intestine, the digestive tract, because cleans our body from harmful toxins and unwanted elements.

to another useful property loaves include the following: they are an excellent source of protein, which is easily absorbed by our body.Due to the fact that during production uses a special impact technologies, they still have much more vitamins and minerals.As a result, we obtain a final product that is useful to everyone.Naturally, within reasonable limits, and amounts.Let me remind you also that in the no yeast breads.In addition, it avoids heartburn, lack yeast also positively affects the body.The fact that due to the yeast contained in the bread as we eat it, in our stomach fermentation process continues.Due to the lack of yeast loaves, we are able to avoid it.We continue to tackle the question: "Bread: benefit or harm.How to choose? "Now let's understand in more detail in how they have the same properties bread.

Bread: properties.

So, we found out why bread beneficial to our body, and now let's focus in more detail on what properties distinguish bread.First of all, I want to note that the bread is very reminiscent of the taste of bread.Because of this, many people who need to remove the bread from your diet can make it easy and painless.Not only do they get rid of the harmful product, so they get a useful substitute.By the way, the bread is best to give people suffering from gastritis, holitsestitami, colitis and other diseases.Secondly, bread recommend regular use not only for adults who care about their health, but also to children, because bread is a natural and healthy food, a source of vegetable fat, fiber, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals.In addition, no less important for the normal development of the child's body, they have no harmful salt.In addition to efficiency, mineral and vitamin content is also worth mentioning that the loaves are no harmful preservatives, flavorings, chemical additives, baking powder and other things that regular use can cause a number of serious diseases.Moreover, such "harmless" part allows to eat bread as people prone to allergies and children.Meanwhile, before putting the package loaves in his basket, should carefully examine the product.Many unscrupulous manufacturers can add chemical additives in their breads.

However, we should not forget that the bread - just the food that they are not a cure and a cure.Of course, the bread can be eaten in large quantities, they will not bring harm to your body, but remember that everything is good in moderation.Do not completely switch to bread.Our body has to get a lot of elements and minerals that are not in loaves.However, they are an excellent alternative to ordinary bread.During use loaves you can drink milk, juice, water, yogurt or drink anything at all.Gastric juice do everything himself.Another important property of breads is that they are able to improve our intestines, bring toxins from the body, to organize the work of the gall bladder, because of its cleansing.The loaves contain a lot of B vitamins, which have a beneficial, soothing and revitalizing effect on our nervous system.In considering the "bread: composition, useful properties.How to choose? "Should pay attention to: their caloric content.

Calorie loaves.

For those who want to lose weight, get rid of extra kilograms, will be a pleasant news that the bread is considered a dietary product.100 grams there are only 300 kcal.Dear women and girls who dream to get rid of excess fat folds in the summer, take a note on the bread!This calorie is 10-15 loaves.They are ideal for those who are watching their figures, to eat properly.Nutritionists around the world recommend eating bread to people who are prone to excess weight, have problems with metabolism, and just those who want to lose weight.

Bread.How to choose?

So, the final part of the question: "Bread: composition, useful properties.How to choose? "Is nearing completion.It remains to understand how to choose bread.To begin, I want to say that not all the bread that you see in the store will be equally useful for your body.As I wrote above, many unscrupulous manufacturers can add in the loaves of different chemical additives, any flavor enhancers, flavors, ingredients that are identical in composition to natural GMOs.Besides the fact that such a product would not be good for your body ,null, so he can bring harm.Therefore, it is necessary to pay special attention to the selection of breads.

To choose a really useful product for your body - bread, should carefully examine the features of the organism.For example, if you are a diabetic, then your best bet is to opt for the loaves, which include buckwheat.The same bread perfect for those who want to lose weight.Oat bread is perfect for those who wish to clear their skin for those who suffer from neurodermatitis, kidney disease, enhance the body's resistance to colds and infectious diseases.Wheat bread contain high magnesium and potassium, due to this they improve the performance of our intestines.Barley bread in turn, improve the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract and liver.Rice bread help cleanse the body, have a calming effect on our nervous system, improve complexion, help to cope with insomnia.

Summarizing all the above, we note that the bread - a unique and useful invention of mankind, which allows you to fight obesity and many diseases.However, when selecting a product in the store, should carefully study the composition of loaves.Thanks to the natural composition of the loaves, they can also be given to children.Bread is ideal for those who like to eliminate from your diet bread.However, do not treat the loaves as a panacea and Drug Administration.Remember that everything is good in moderation.Be healthy!

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