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Food poisoning and prevention

Sick animals, poor standards of hygiene storage leads to the fact that the stores gets infected meat or fish.According to statistics, only one in five people after food poisoning go to the doctor, while the rest prefer to cope on their own.At the 10 000 reported cases of food poisoning have to 200 deaths (according RosMinZdrava 2 008).

The most common bacteria that cause poisoning of the body are salmonella (eggs, dairy products, chicken, turkey, duck), kampilobaktum (chicken), Listeria (semi-finished products, frozen foods).The latter especially dangerous for pregnant women, can lead to meningitis or death of a child.

complexity of controlling bacteria and cry food poisoning is their mutation that prosihodit in animals not for many years, as an evolution, but only for a few hours.The result of the mutation of bacteria becoming resistant to drugs, who have struggled with their predecessors.Thus, many antibiotics penicillin and can no longer cope with the bacteria.Doctors and researchers around the wor

ld are constantly working to develop new drugs against food poisoning.

reason for the development of bacteria in animals is their poor management on farms, not observance of sanitary norms in butchering carcasses, sun, wind.Thus, the process of cooking poultry carcasses, which we then buy in the store, as follows.After chicken beheading, it is dipped into a vat of hot water (50 C) to separate from chicken feathers.This temperature is not high enough to kill the bacteria that breed in water.

weak monitoring system, not the observance of sanitary standards for poultry, farm, where cows and pigs, leading to the fact that the entire production of the air fly bacteria that may be on any surface or touch the equipment.

Special mention should tell you about how to store meat, eggs in shops and supermarkets.All we have repeatedly seen the program on TV, talks about the work of butchers in our stores, on the way to store and make the presentation missing products.If found in meat infested with bacteria ulcers that they simply cut out, but not throw, and sent for processing to prepare minced meat and other semi-finished products.

Eggs should be stored at room temperature and does not exceed the number of days specified with the date of collection.Stores well in order to save money sometimes miss these important requirements, and put pre-expired goods, which can cause food poisoning, health problems and poor health.

dishonesty manufacturers, which returns Stores spoiled meat, cut pieces of dried up and sold to another buyer the product, which may already be full of salmonella and listeria.To combat such violations, regular inspection and test controls over the quality of incoming goods on the shelves of our stores.

So now is not the egg, meat and fish?They do so many useful and necessary to our body of nutrients and trace elements!Of course not.Just is very careful approach to the purchase of these products.Buy only proven in the field and store, look at the date of issue, do not hesitate to smell the food.Bad and unpleasant smell will give damaged goods.If, despite all your attention, you have acquired a bad product, be sure to return it to the store and leave a remark in the book of complaints!It is not necessary to promote what shops earn our money, and we run the risk of their health.

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