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Useful vegetables for the human body

After all, you can mix different components to each day to create a new salad, this dish so you never get bored.Use it for cooking, you can a variety of ingredients.The main ones you now find in your kitchen.
Remember greenery.The darker green the leaves, the more nutrients.Very good use for cooking romaine lettuce.
Add red fruits and vegetables such as tomatoes, red peppers and red onions.These foods contain lycopene, which protects against cancer.Eating vegetables useful for the human body is a hundred times improves blood circulation and improves the immune system.

Yellow pepper , yellow tomatoes or carrots to your salad will provide a nice crunch and enrich it with vitamin C and beta-carotene.You can also add to the salad apricot, mango, pineapple, orange segments.
added to salads mushrooms, garlic, pear, white peach and dried fruit for a better structure and as an additional source of antioxidants.
red cabbage, eggplant, figs salad will add a special color, contrast and aroma, as well as help incr
ease brain activity.

tofu , salmon, grilled chicken breast relieve you of hunger, will be a source of protein for your muscles.
little fat helps your body better absorb certain nutrients, so add oil containing foods: avocados, walnuts, almonds.The latter also provide you with magnesium and fiber.
Complete your salad by adding a vegetable and grain containing starch.It can be various cereals, wheat and rice rolls.They will provide your body with carbohydrates, and you will be cheerful and energetic throughout the day.

not overeat
Surely each of us is faced with a situation where, for example, your friend's birthday eat another piece of cake, without being hungry.This situation is a great example of how we let external factors influence our food.To the next time to avoid overeating, follow the prompts.
Tip 1. Replace all the dishes in the lower by volume.It turns out that people who eat from small and shallow plates, on average weigh less because the food eaten by 57% less than those who prefer, there is of "basins".
Tip 2. Do not be distracted by other things.Very often, when we eat alone, we have to adjust to the end of our meal to the end of a newspaper article, which reads for a meal or to the end of the TV show.This not only increases the amount of food consumed, but also very bad for the digestion.Therefore, when you sit down there, do not be distracted more than anything else.Tip 3.
set aside away dishes with delicacies.Setting the table, do not try to put a plate with different treats closer.Studies show that people who are difficult to reach for dishes, on average eat 30% less food.
Tip 4. Wait for the very slow-moving man.When you dine in the company, do not rush the first to absorb all the food.Eat the way it makes the most deliberate person in your group.

Even a well-balanced diet does not guarantee you that you will get the required amount of vitamin E. In fact, only 4% of women and 5% of men consume 15 mg per day put this matter.But vitamin E - a powerful antioxidant and helps to: fight against premature aging;to ensure the prevention of cancer.So just need to get the necessary daily dose of the vitamin, especially because it is very simple.An excellent source of vitamin E are almonds and roasted sunflower seeds.50 g of seeds provide the body with the necessary daily dose of vitamin E. You can have them both separately and add a variety of salads and other dishes.

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