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Useful than cheese?

Cheese and its beneficial properties

protein in cheese more than in fish or meat.To strengthen the immune system need to use a dish of cheese and eat the cheese itself at least three times a week.British scientists have concluded that those who love cheese, more restful sleep, so this valuable product you need to eat before going to bed.The cheese contains amino acids such as tryptophan, it helps to reduce stress and improve sleep quality.But we should not forget that cheese is a high-calorie foods, and 200 grams of cheese is enough for the daily diet.It will be enough to eat a small piece of cheese.And if you watch the figure, it is necessary to choose not fatty cheeses.

Cheese should be stored in a cool place where humidity is about 80%.Without access to air the cheese dries quickly and it appears the mold, so do not store it, wrapped in foil.It would be better to buy Sarnitsa that it covers the glass cover.To Cheese longer kept in Sarnitsa put a piece of refined sugar, it will not dry out the che
ese and macaroni, it will absorb excess moisture.

Useful than cheese product for your health?
protein contained in the cheese - an important component of enzymes, hormones, immune bodies, an integral part of the body fluids in the body (lymph, blood).

cheese is recommended as an indispensable product of proteins.Eating cheese, we cover the most need for our body in animal proteins, potassium, calcium.It is a versatile food.Its useful to use nursing and pregnant women, people who are engaged in manual labor.

Vitamins Groups B, containing cheese, good effect on the blood.Vitamin B1 increases efficiency, Vitamin B2 and produces energy in the processes of tissue respiration is the catalyst.At an early age, if the child is a lack of vitamin B2, it would entail a slowdown of growth and development.We must remember that for children under 3 years of daily rate of 3 grams of cheese, and children up to one year is not recommended to give the cheese.

Useful cheeses
Useful properties of the cheese product depends on the type of cheese and the variety.For example, cheese is good food for lovers of cheese product with lactose intolerance, because the kinds of mold cheese product almost no lactose.Blue cheese is not recommended to use pregnant women and children, as it contains bacteria.

Regularly eating cheese, you can improve the condition of nails, hair, skin, and the high content of vitamin A is good effect on vision.But do not get too carried away with cheese, this product is a very caloric, those who are on a diet or trying to lose weight, you want to restrict its use.

How to store cheese?
To preserve the beneficial properties of the cheese product, you need to know how to store it.Most cheeses can not be stored for a long time.For this product the optimal temperature is from 5 to 8 degrees, and therefore on the top shelf of the refrigerator.Experts say the benefits of the cheese will be maximized if it is to eat in the morning from 9 am to 11 am, while in the body to assimilate all the nutrients.It is recommended to eat a cheese to room temperature, it was, for this control the cheese product from the refrigerator and warmed to it in vivo.Not very helpful to eat cheese in a delicious baked crust, as under the influence of high temperature partially destroyed the structure of the protein and increases the concentration of fat cheese.