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What products can not be combined in the diet?

edyvy If after experiencing discomfort, analyze their menu, remember that what has consumed.There is one simple rule compatibility of all food products: non-users together proteins and products containing starch and sugar.Although not takvsё simple.We will understand in detail.

What chёmsoderzhitsya

products down protein: nuts (most of them), cereals, peas and beans, soy beans, mushrooms, eggs.It also includes all meat products, fish, cheese and proteins tvorog.Bogaty black seeds, aubergines and the milk itself (there have nizkomolekulyarnyybelok).

Carbohydrate is the sugar and containing products (confectionery, for example), syrups, honey and fruit.

Starches soderzhatvse cereals, legumes (except soy), peas, potatoes, all kinds of peanuts, squash itykva.Moderately amyloid are: cauliflower, carrots, beets and turnips.

soderzhitolivkovoe fats, sunflower oil, butter and corn oil, most nuts, zhirnoemyaso, bacon, cream and sour cream.

of News Fruits are sweet - among them there are also

semi-acid and acid.Sladkiefrukty - is figs, raisins, dates, apricots, dried apricots, prunes, grapes, pears and is hurma.Takzhe apples sweet varieties.Acidic fruit - it vsetsitrusovye, pomegranates, sour grapes, plums, sour apples.Polukislyefrukty - cherries, peaches, apricots, blackberries, currants and strawberries.

Nekrahmalistyeovoschi and greens - lettuce, endive, celery, dandelion, turnip greens, kale, spinach, sour sorrel and onions.It also includes eggplant, cucumbers, parsley, cauliflower, rhubarb, garlic, asparagus, peppers and radishes.

incongruous acid starches

acids in foods vysheukazannyhkislotosoderzhaschih destroy ptyalin enzyme that breaks krahmal.Sochetat acid and starches in the diet should not be.For example, when you eat the bread allocates little stomach hydrochloric acid.Juice secreted by the digestion of bread, has a neutral reaction.Once corn starch digested in the stomach nachinaetvydelyatsya much hydrochloric acid to digest proteins bread.There is just dvaprotsessa: digestion of starch and protein.It is very difficult for the body.Bread, especially black, is the product of a complex concept in the enzyme composition.

If zaodin meal eaten bread and meat, instead of a neutral medium zheludochnogosoka released in the first two hours, will inevitably stand acid sok.Iz of this starch digestion dramatically pauses.Starches trebuetsyaschelochnaya reaction, it is treated in the oral cavity and 12- kishke.Belok, in turn, requires an acidic environment in the stomach, it is treated with enzymes sovsemdrugimi than starch.Thus, bread, cereals, potatoes and other krahmalydolzhny taken separately from meat, fish, eggs, cheese, cottage cheese, nuts andother protein food.

incongruous acid protein

vorganizme Protein is digested by the action of an enzyme such as pepsin.It deystvuetlish in acid medium and in alkaline stops its operation.In protsessepischevareniya gastric juice changes the composition of the neutral to strongly acidic vzavisimosti from coming into his food.Due to the fact that most pepsin aktivenv acidic environment, many people mistakenly believe that eating together sbelkami acid, they help the digestion of protein.In fact, it turns out the other way around: kislotyzaderzhivayut natural secretion of gastric juice.Fruit acids osobennosilno destroy and reduce pepsin secretion.A normal stomach can vydelyatvse acid required for digestion of protein.But in any case, along with protein upotrebleniekislot only impairs digestion.Do not wash down the meat fruktovymsokom, do not eat cheese, citrus and so on.

incongruous fats with proteins

Zhiryzamedlyayut gastric acid secretion.The presence of fat in the diet reduces kolichestvosekretsii causing appetite, reduces the activity of the gastric glands, reduces kolichestvosolyanoy acid and pepsin in gastric juice, and sometimes twice reduces zheludochnyytonus.In other words, fat-containing products (cream, butter irastitelnoe butter, cream, fatty meat) can not be used simultaneously Sorekh, eggs, cheese or meat.The abundance of greenery and green vegetables priostanavlivaetdeystvie fat.So, if you happen to eat fat with protein, vymozhete add to them more and greens - it will save your stomach.

incongruous carbohydrates with proteins

Vsesahara - syrups, honey, sweet fruit - has an inhibiting effect on vydeleniezheludochnogo juice and motility of the stomach.This is because uglevodydolzhny digested in the gut.If there carbohydrates separately, they nezaderzhivayas long stomach pass into the intestines.If you have them Byelkamit starches, they linger long in the cavity of the stomach, while the rest of the food neperevaritsya.Hence the feeling of heaviness and fullness.

incongruous carbohydrates starches

More Perevarivaniekrahmala begins in the mouth and lasts for some time in the stomach.Uglevodyzhe not undergo digestion in the stomach and digested vkishechnike only.If you eat carbohydrates with other food, they linger vzheludke.They quickly start to wander in a moisture and heat, and rezultatemy has the effect of fermentation.

jelly, jam, fruit, jam, candy, sugar, molasses, honey contains carbohydrates.Eslisedat together with bread, biscuits, cereal, potatoes and other food, it vyzovetbrozhenie.Many people eat for breakfast porridge with sugar and many years stradayutpovyshennoy acidity, heartburn, belching and other ailments that accompany nesvarenie.Sladkie fruit with starches also certainly lead to fermentation.Mnogieschitayut that if there is honey instead of sugar, the fermentation will not, but it is not.

Milk incongruous with anything!

Takzadumano nature that all mammals cubs first nikakoydrugoy not eat food except milk.Later comes a time when they begin to have druguyupischu, but take it away from milk.And, finally, there comes perelomnyyperiod when they permanently wean from milk and never prinimayutego.Remember that milk - is food cubs.In adults, there is no nikakoypotrebnosti.Due to the presence of milk protein and fat, it may not be combined with lyuboydrugoy food.Once in the stomach, milk folds, forming curds.Etottvorog envelops the particles of food in the stomach, isolating them from vozdeystviyazheludochnogo juice.The food is not digested until it splits crud.

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