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What are the benefits of avocado?

General characteristics of the fruit

pear-shaped fruit, peel it or wrinkled or smooth, depending on the variety.Avocado color changes from light to dark green.Fruit Pulp light green, tender, soft.It has astringent nutty taste.Inside the fruit is a large solid bone brown.Fats Avocados contain high amounts of unsaturated fatty acids, so it is very easy to digest.Also, a fruit rich in vitamins E and B and low in carbohydrates.However, it can not be called low-calorie, avocado - enough high-calorie foods (223 kcal per 100 gr.).

composition of avocado

If we take the average size avocado, then it contains 95 mg of phosphorus, 9 mg of iron, 8.6 mg of Vitamin B3, 82 mg of vitamin C, 23 mg calcium, 1.3potassium 600 units of vitamin A, and vitamin E, folic acid, copper, vitamin B2.

Avocado Health and beauty

nutrient composition of avocado good for your skin.Sheath skin cells is maintained by vitamins E and A, as well as monounsaturated fats that smoothes the skin.These chemicals are struggli

ng with inflammation, which appear in acne, psoriasis and eczema.

With regular use of Avocado reduced risk of heart disease, including heart attacks, the body is easier to cope with stress and depression.Copper, iron and vitamin B2, located in the fruit, contribute to the prevention of anemia, as they are regenerated red blood cells.Potassium salts of folic acid and dietary fiber in a large amount reduces blood cholesterol level and increase the number of healthy fats.

If you compare the avocados with bananas, it is 60% more potassium, which reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease.Furthermore, this fruit stops the growth of cancer cells, due to the content of oleic acid in it, and destroys cancer cells while prostate cancer due to its content of vitamin E and carotenoids.

preparations with the content of an avocado is used in the treatment of dry skin.They normalize the processes inside cells, so fine wrinkles are smoothed, the skin improves its color.In addition, avocados excellent care for the scalp and hair.For this purpose, the fruit used as masks.You can make a mask at home: just grind the fruit and apply on your face, hair or rub into the scalp.

fiber and dietary fiber contained in the avocado in a large amount, making the fruit is simply indispensable for the correct operation of the entire digestive tract, as well as bowel problems (constipation, or on the contrary - disorder).

Avocado contains many useful for the body of nutrients: minerals, fats and vitamins.To body absorb carotenoids, contained in other fruits and vegetables, avocado added to various salads.If you eat lettuce, you add to it will increase the number of avocados entering the body lyutenina, alpha and beta-carotene.

Thus, avocados - is a fruit that is required for the use of everyone.Its properties make it useful fruit indispensable for a healthy diet.

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