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Tea bags: the benefits, harm, rules of use

Tea bags: its advantages

These teas are brewed directly into the cup.A second is that the dosage provides at paketikahuzhe calculated per use.Assortimentetih teas just amazing, allowing you to select exactly the one kotoryynam most loved and the taste and quality, and which is acceptable potsene.

How did these tea bags ?

Takuzh Historically, tea has been dosed prototype of the tea, which used special dlyazavarki muslin bags kotoryeizgotavlivalis of light and thin silk or cotton textiles.Even in nachaledvadtsatogo century such bags were sold in New York, American TomasomSalivanom.Nowadays these bags are made from the latest materials to brew tea, so as not to affect the taste and aroma.Budetpoleznym know that the best way to brew tea from a round or dvoynogopaketika, which is made from high quality materials and has three tysyachiperforatsy.

Production of tea bags

Paketiruetsyachaynaya welding on special and very powerful machines.During proizvodstvavse quality tea is indicative of th

e grade, fully preserved, dlyaetogo and bags made of quite large sizes.There takieproizvoditeli that faithfully pack every package germetichnyykonvertik, thereby saved the tea from external environmental influences.

Features tea bags

Fishing secret that production of cheap packaged teas made from othodovchaynogo sheet, we can say, tea dust.What is tea dust?A etovsego nothing but a little overdone debris crumbling when roasting chaynogolista, and in which, alas, does not contain any qualities predstavlyayuschihsoboy favor.Tea tea leaves in the baby does not give rich taste and color aeto compels manufacturers to ensure that the batch in tea (one-time) added colors and flavors that eliminate various privkusybumagi and glue.Of course, most of the packaged teas much krepchelistovyh.This is due to the fact that the whole leaves in the tea leaves soprikasaemayaploschad with water is much smaller than the area which eventually gives the area of ​​the smallest particles of tea pylinok.Takoy produktapolzuyutsya feature of unscrupulous manufacturers and mixed in packages, in addition to tea, the dust of crushed plants, such asleaf poplar, oak, willow, and sometimes iprostoy grass.A frequently used in the manufacture of tea leaf teas that long ago expired.

Benefits and harms of a batch of tea

skills can certainly not armed with special equipment nevozmozhnoprovesti analysis of what is inside the tea bag, the more that The Seasons is in powdered form.However, producers who dobrosovestnootnosyatsya their work and produce a quality product, not pytayutsyaekonomit on bags.They are made of them costly and kachestvennyhmaterialov and do not save at the expense of our health.And because very vazhnoponimanie that substandard ideshevaya package - it nedopustimoesredstvo saving health.Of course, consider all the tea proizvoditeleypaketnogo not honest can not be, because there are among them many who zakachestvo their products meet all the requirements, kotoryepredusmatrivayut safety for the body.It is not enough that he chaynekachestvenny, but adding to it flavorings, preservatives ikrasiteley vredchelovecheskomu carry a huge body.This whole bunch of additives easily disrupt the processes associated with the exchange veschestvorganizma weaken its security features give impetus rakovyhzabolevany in the body.And even worse is that in packaged tea bolshoeprevyshenie allowable concentration of fluoride, which has a negative effect teeth and the entire skeletal system.

Research and their results

Issledovateliiz America, to study the impact on the human body packed tea, concluded that the permissible daily dose of tea bags is Neboli five cups.Thus, limiting themselves to kolichestveupotrebleniya of tea, you can avoid the critical concentration of fluorine vorganizme.Based on scientific data, it can be argued that povyshennayakontsentratsiya fluoride can cause the seal to the bone, but prietom increasing its fragility.Abuse can lead tea parties ktakomu disease as skeletal fluorosis, which is accompanied by muchitelnymibolyami joints and bones.

Office version of tea bags

Eslizavarivat packet tea in plastic cups can be very podorvatsvoe health.Despite the fact that these disposable glasses and do not need to wash their tratitvremya much safer to make tea in keramicheskihkruzhkah.

either at home or in the office can not do that

  1. Never drink tea, being hungry, as it irritates the mucous membrane, and this will provoke heartburn, which can later develop into ulcers.
  2. Tea, stood a few hours after brewing, pour without thinking, because one-time because tea is called so that after welding it once discarded.
  3. Tea should not be too strong, so as not to cause nervous system disorders, liver problems and stomach.
  4. can not drink more than five cups of tea a day, especially the elderly and pregnant women.Babies packet tea should not be given at all.Do not forget that in the afternoon tea you can drink only to people who have good health.