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What should I eat to be energetic?

Sprouted grains (sprouts) wheat, leguminous crops: soy, beans, alfalfa and lentils

incredible benefits and a source of energy for the body are wheat germ and legumes.They cleanse the body of harmful toxins, improve metabolism, improve immunity.

germinate grain is easy to do this, wash them, put on a baking sheet, cover with warm water, which should be only a little to fill the grain and leave overnight at room temperature.In the morning wash the beans, cover with fresh water and close the cotton cloth.Twice a day - in the morning and in the evening the water change.Wheat seedlings are ready to eat after a day and a half.Bean sprouts will appear on the second day, and use them better in the fourth.The bursting of the peel, remove the grain.

Sprouted grains is better to eat fresh in salads or added to cooked dishes, casseroles can be cooked helpful.Especially useful to use sprouts for breakfast, charged with energy for the whole day.


Brewer's yeast - etokladez vitamins ivitamino

podobnyh substances (B1, B2, PP, pantothenic acid, B6, vitamin D and others.) Mineralovv including chromium, zinc, sulfur, copper, magnesium,phosphorus.

to be cheerful ienergichnym drink all day every utronapitok consisting of a teaspoon pivnyhdrozhzhey and fruit juice.


svezhieili dried rose hips contain neskolkodesyatkov times more vitamin C chemtsitrusovye.

ochischennyezrelye Eat fruits red, dark krasnyemenee valuable, do not expose them to heat treatment nikakoykulinarnoy as BEE process vitamin C more chastyuischezaet.

Dried fruits and nuts

Etoidealnaya food for snacks and podzaryadkienergiey.In them a lot of useful properties of the Iceni.However, when the body izbytochnoymasse nuts consumed in nebolshomkolichestve.

Pumpkin seeds, sunflower and squash

These seeds ilegko quickly absorbed by the body when etomochen saturated oils, vitamins, proteins, carbohydrates and fats.

use them better in natural ilisushenom form, can be added to soups rastolchennymiv powder or salads.

Dairy products

Fermented produktynasyscheny zhivotnogoproiskhozhdeniya vitamins B12, A, D, pomogayuschimibystro metabolize proteins in nihsoderzhatsya beneficial bacteria.

Eat prigotovlennyena pure cultures kislomolochnyeprodukty.


dlyazhiznedeyatelnosti contain all the necessary minerals, a large amount of iodine, as well as a most valuable species of vitamin K -fillohinon that regulates and increases muscle funktsiipecheni bodrosttela.

Eat meals of seaweed salad "Seaweed" for zdorovogopitaniya.


Sbiten - it toniziruyuschiynapitok consisting of honey siropai spices.It improves mood ivosstanavlivaet force.Drink this napitokmgnovennoy vivacity and energy hot.