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The benefits of omega-3 for human health

PUFAs such as omega-3 are essential.These are unsaturated zhirnyekisloty that the body can not produce on their own.It is very important that these acids required by the body for energy production are not in rezultatefizicheskih loads, and for the full functioning of many sistemorganizma, namely: cardiovascular, nervous, immune.

Omega-3 - one of samyhpopulyarnyh drugs in the United States.Omega-3 - a high-quality fish oil gdesoderzhatsya polyunsaturated fatty acids: docosahexaenoic (DHA) ieykozapentaenovaya (EPA), which the body does not produce, and receives with food.

role of omega-3 in the diet of an adult

Nasegodnyashny daily percentage of cardiovascular disease in the general structure vsehprichin mortality in most countries of North America and Europe doshёlpokazatelya 50%.We also know that the power of modern man zachastuyusostoit of snacks, in which the proportion of vitamins, minerals and substances zhiznennoneobhodimyh negligible.Consequently, the body loses teveschestva required f

or its normal functioning.

Numerous nauchnyeissledovaniya shown that omega-3 plays a positive role in raboteserdechno circulatory system.Formulations omega-3 kachestvevspomogatelnoy effective treatment of hypertension, thrombosis, immunodefitsitnyhzabolevany, bronchial asthma, skin disorders.Omega-3 is actively uchastvuetv cholesterol and fat metabolism, strengthens the walls of blood vessels, imeetantioksidantny effect.Intake of omega-3 promotes normalnoydeyatelnosti nervous system, i.e. brain peredachunervnyh provides fast pulses, and consequently promotes good memorization.

Omega-3 sposobstvuetluchshemu absorption of calcium and magnesium, reduces blood viscosity, obladaetonkoprotektornymi properties, stimulates the immune system.

role of omega-3 in the diet of children

omega-3 PUFAs are very necessary for normalnogorazvitiya growing organism, from the earliest development -vnutriutrobnoy life.Omega-3 has the ability to penetrate platsentarnyybarer ensuring the full development of the central nervous system of the fetus.

And in the near proshlommnogie parents gave their cubs fish oil, to avoid rickets.Itolko is now talking about the most important benefits of fish oil because of the content of omega-3 vnёm.Considering that the child very quickly develop the adaptation of all organs, fish oil plays an important role in the diet.

Thus, the main polzaomega-3, the main constituent component of fish oil in the diet pitaniyadetey is to ensure the proper development of the brain, stimulirovaniiintellektualnogo development and improvement of memory.

Today, frequent violations of children is a manifestation of the syndrome defitsitavnimaniya hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).So, thanks to the omega-3 umenshitvyrazhennost manage this syndrome in children.

What is the difference between the drugs and omega-3 fish oil ?

Rybiyzhir - it's all fat-soluble substances that accumulate in fish liver.Omega-3PO to the rules extracted from the fat of the fish, not the liver from fat, ieetopreparat to the high concentration of omega-3 is.

Which manufacturer trust ?

Rynokbiologicheski active additives is so large that it is difficult to decide kakomuproizvoditelyu give preference in the selection.Conventional pharmaceutical fish oil nedorogoyi available drugs, but at the same time, the quality at this price is always smuschaet.Krome order in the proportion of fish oil omega-3 is very small to get otnego therapeutic benefit.Large intake of fish oil can lead kintoksikatsii, in particular because of the content of vitamins A and D. Kachestvennayaomega-3 can not be cheap, at the same time, buying expensive medication, there is no guarantee that you bought a quality.Before buying nepolenites find "seniority" of the manufacturer on the market.It is important to know kakoystrane registered firm and be sure to find out what level of production kontrolkachestva held.It is important to know that the quality control postandartu GMP - is vysokiyuroven estimate the parameters of production and product quality.

Thus prisutstvieomega-3 in the diet of both children and adults, it is important to maintain health sohraneniyai.Pregnant women should also not forget about polzePNZhK in the diet at the same time should know that 2-3 weeks before rodovnelzya eat omega-3, as it has the ability to thin the blood, which is not desirable during childbirth.That is, everything in life needs a measure ipravilny approach.Be healthy and responsible attitude to the fact that I'll leave!

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