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The harm to human health sweet

Moderate drinking sweet body poluchaetpolzu as sweet enriches it with carbohydrates, which are so necessary dlyapravilnoy body function.

Complete cellular metabolism depends on regulyarnostipostupleniya carbohydrates, ensuring its energy in the human body.Sugar, for example, promotes the production of serotonin (also known as "hormone of happiness").Odnakonuzhno remember that everything should be in moderation, but if excessive love for sladkomunuzhno be prepared for the fact that health will have serious problems.

Chrezmernoeupotreblenie sweets can lead to infertility

Experts from Harvard University provodiliissledovaniya during which found a correlation between the ability imetdetey abuse and sweet.For example, excess sugar napryamuyuvliyaet formation of estrogen and testosterone.Moreover consumed sugar confectionery increased lipid levels, which produces liver.Lipids in turn affect the level osobogobelka - reduced level of SHBG.This protein is responsible for balance itestosterona estroge

n levels, so its deficiency leads to infertility.

Another problem otsladkogo - thrush

thrush (candidiasis zheurogenitalny it) more often affects women, upotreblyayuschiesladkoe in large quantities.The cause of thrush are fungi izroda Candida, which are available in almost everyone, but it is worth noting that about boleznirech is only when they become very much.Number etihgribkov may start to increase from carbohydrate-containing foods (razlichnyesladosti) and by antibiotics.

Zloupotrebleniesladkim leads to bowel cancer

pancreas when used in a large pastry kolichestvesladkih forced to produce insulin in emergency mode, chtomozhet provoke in the intestine malignant tumors.On takoyvyvod scientists prompted the conclusion that was made in the course of monitoring zazhenschinami (a study involving several thousand women).After that, the American scientists Cancer staliotnosit to sad consequences of abuse of sweets.

Sweets dangerous dlyamozga

Despite the fact that many people think that for the brain sladkoepolezno, Spanish experts say the opposite - the sugar affects the brain chelovekapagubno.Scientists have studied on mice Laforêt syndrome (redkayanasledstvennaya disease).In this disease, due to the fact that in cells mozgaskaplivaetsya glycogen developed epileptic seizures, it may dazheprivesti dementia and movement disorders.

to glycogen in the cells of the brain does not accumulate, organizmvyrabatyvaet two types of special protein for the production of each species responds svoyosoby gene and if at least one of these genes are damaged, starts razvivatsyasindrom Laforêt.

During the research, scientists from the California gosudarstvennogouniversiteta made interesting conclusions.The studies were conducted vshkolah boarding (803) and colonies (9) for minors, ratsionepitaniya sweets and sugar replaced by vegetables and fruit and the result prevzoshellyubye expectations: evaluation of children a year on average, increased by 1 point (five-point scale), and half of children,which was observed zaderzhkaumstvennogo development recognized healthy.

Sugar ukorachivaetprodolzhitelnost life

German scientists were also interested in how saharvliyaet health.During operation they found that glucose mozhetsokratit human life by approximately 25% (or 15 years of life).Over time etivyvody confirmed by researchers from the Institute of Biological Research Salkav California.

Sweet vrednoberemennym

If the expectant mother uses a lot of sweet, in eeorganizme there is excess carbohydrates, that in the future of her child mozhetvyzvat allergic reactions due to the likelihood of developing this disease TsNSuvelichivaetsya several times.

harm sugar sweets -zameniteli

Some in search of a replacement consume sweet zamenitelisahara as in taste, they differ slightly, and meneekaloriynye.The most common sweeteners are xylitol, sorbitol, suklamat, saccharin, aspartame.At first glance it may seem that etopoleznye substances, but they are not safe for the body.Saccharin (vypuskaetsyav tablets of 40 mg), e.g., in large doses resulting in the development rakovyhobrazovany therefore can be used in day 4 tablets at the most.Suklamati aspartame can cause the development of allergies.Xylitol and sorbitol obladayutzhelchegonnym and laxative effects.

British scientists recently been found chtosorbit (E420) - a sugar substitute can cause abdominal pain, diarrhea and intestinal krasstroystvu.It should be noted that this replacement saharaispolzuetsya in producing chewing gum in large doses.Furthermore, some toothpastes vsostav also includes the sweetener.

What should I do if I can not completely abandon otsladostey?Then remains strictly observe moderation!But if you decide sebyaogranichit in the consumption of sweet, then you certainly will help sovetydietologov:

  • sugar can be replaced with dried fruit and honey;
  • sodas try to replace the mineral water;
  • possible drink coffee and tea without sugar;
  • reduce glucose consumption, use the "natural" sweeteners: fructose or lactulose, which in large quantities found in fruits.

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