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Honey: useful properties

In ancient times, people who were hunting for wild honey, do not have problems with the cardiovascular system, joints and long-lived.Etoproiskhodilo because they all vremyazhalili bees.It turns out that pchelinyyyad - is the perfect remedy.With egopomoschyu treat colds, zabolevaniyaserdechnoy muscles, nervous system and various kinds of inflammation.

Propolis is widely used in cosmetics and medicine.Onhorosho heals wounds, burns, frostbite, pulmonary tuberculosis, sore throat, mouth slizistuyuobolochku add in the cream toothpaste.

Bees feed on pollen, which contains mnogovitaminov, proteins, mineral salts, substances, growth hormones and fat.Priistoschenii, anemia and weakness is recommended to use the pollen.

What you should know about honey

Flower honey is the most popular.Osobennorasprostraneny such varieties like Acacia, mustard, sunflower, lime, sweet clover, buckwheat and cotton.Otrasteniya from which bees collect pollen depends on the name of honey.In narodesvetlye grade appreciate

more, and that's dark sortanasyscheny minerals.

In any honey is almost 60 different substances.Chief among them - is fructose and glucose.In 100 grams of honey contains 335 kaloriy.Med metabolism.

Storage honey

to store honey special effort is needed.It does not disappear.Priori candied jar of honey should be put in hot water, and it snovastanet liquid.

If humidity is high, the honey can turn sour, so it is better to store in a dry place in a glass jar or bowl of aspen, poplar, alder or basswood.If the barrel of oak, the honey may darken.Do not store in aluminum iliotsinkovannoy honey pot.

Norma potrebleniyameda

to bring the body to benefit throughout the day sedat100-150 grams of honey.To make it better usvaivalsyanuzhno eat it for a couple of hours before meals or three hours after.Ochenpolezno its application to tea, milk and the warm water.

Babe honey should be given fruit, tea or porridge.Dlyamalyshey enough to eat a few spoonfuls a day.

To use Needless

Some people are allergic to honey and after upotrebleniyamozhet appear itching, headache, runny nose, and gastrointestinal disorders.So they eat the honey in any case impossible.People who suffer from diabetes, can upotreblyatmed in small amounts, but before that you need to see a doctor for advice.

honey as lechebnoesredstvo

honey - a natural medicine that is absorbed razlichnyefermenty, trace elements, minerals and vitamins that horoshousvaivayutsya.They can heal wounds iubit different microbes.

Ulcers honey added to herbal teas and vegetable juices.

Some recipes with the content of the honey, you do mozheteprigotovit:

  • ointment to heal sores and wounds that dolgozazhivayut.20 g of fish oil, 80 g honey and xeroform 3a.To smear the wound dressing izamatyvat.
  • to treat wounds 1lozhku dry Cudweed zalitkipyatkom and infuse for half an hour, strain and put a spoonful of honey.Just when yazvezheludka advisable to drink 2 tablespoons of half an hour before meals.
  • To heal a wound, cover with 50 grams of eucalyptus leaves 0.5 lvody and simmer 4 minutes, strain and put 2 tablespoons of honey.Do lotions on wounds.
  • Boil a spoonful of chamomile flowers in a cup of boiling water, drain and add kogdaostynet floor spoons of honey.Gargle with angina, stomatitis rotpri can be used in enemas.

Impact honey nazheludochno tract

Honey is good for the bowels.He deystvuetkak laxative.Bon 70-100 g dissolving it in water.

  • To treat gastritis, a spoonful of honey should be dissolved in teployvode and drink for 2 hours before meals for 2 months.
  • To treat gall bladder, liver and spleen nuzhnostakan black radish juice and a cup of honey and take half a cup three times a day.

Action honey naobmen substances

When exhaustion honey is a must.Neskolkoretseptov by which treat tuberculosis consumed when the body needs high-calorie diet.

  • Izmelchitlistya aloe, squeeze the juice.You will need 250 grams of the same amount of juice + honey and 350 g vina.Nastaivat 4 days in a dark place at a temperature of 5-8 degrees.Drink 1 lozhketrizhdy a day for half an hour before meals.
  • 10 g of honey to warm on the stove, add 100g butter (creamy), the same amount of lard, 15 g of aloe juice and 100 g of cocoa.Twice a day, take 1 spoon sostakanom hot milk.

Taking honey, you'll soon be able to bring his body vporyadok.We all love the sweet, and when sitting on a diet, we need sebyasderzhivat.But honey can replace sweets, cakes and pastries.

Using such simple recipes, you can not tolkopohudet, but also improve your health.