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Rational diet and nutrients to the body

Throughout the life of a person required to supply proteins, they are the main component of every living organism and ispolzuyutsyadlya permanent formation of new cells and tissues.Basically proteins soderzhatsyav animal products: in fish, eggs, meat, milk.Vrastitelnyh product more valuable proteins found in some cereals: rice, buckwheat, oat, legumes and potatoes and vegetables.

main source of energy for the body is fat.Otsoderzhaniya of vitamins depends on its nutritional value.The most poleznymiproduktami having a part of this useful substance are sour cream, cream the butter.They are easily digested and contain vitamins A and refractory D.Trudno digested fats, which are present in foods such as pork, beef and mutton fat.Just a small amount of fat mozhnonayti in vegetables, fruits, potatoes, nuts, seeds and some krupah.Neobhodimy for the body as vegetable fats, they contain vpodsolnechnom, soy, peanut, olive and other oils.

main energy source is carbohydrates.They soderzhatsyav starch (potato,

rice, wheat), which is part of bolshogokolichestva food: bread, potatoes, cereals, sugar, vegetables, fruit ifrukty.The easiest body to absorb different types of sugars that soderzhatsyav berries, beets, carrots, fruits and honey.But do not forget about chtoizbytok carbohydrates can lead to obesity.

vitamins required by the body every day, because without nihvse derived proteins, fats and carbohydrates will be used properly.Bezvitaminov people will constantly feel tired, sleepy and weak, and takzheupadet immune system and disrupt the activities of various bodies.Most bolshoeznachenie for the body are vitamins A, B, C, and D. They are found in takihproduktah as bread, meat, cereals, potatoes, greens, fresh vegetables, fruit, milk, eggs, fish and so on.

various mineral salts also play a big role dlyachelovecheskogo body.The most important are: calcium, iron, phosphorus, kaliymagny, iodine, chlorine, copper, sodium.The disadvantage of these substances leads to disruption deyatelnostitkaney and organs.

For any organism most rational yavlyaetsyachetyrehrazovoe food as reducing meals reduces its usvoenie.Pri this diet is recommended to adhere to the following modes: a hearty breakfast at 8-9 am (approximately 25% of the daily ration), lunch in 13-14 hours(45-50% of the daily ration), lunch (15-20% of the daily ration), a light supper for 2-3 hours before bedtime.

In nutrition should include meat, fish, milk, cereals, flour, vegetables, fruit.It is necessary to properly distribute products mezhdupriemami food, for example, products that contain a protein (meat, fish, beans), take in the hours of vigorous activity, ie for breakfast or vobed.Therefore, breakfast should be dense (of hot dishes: fish, meat, vegetables, potatoes, flour, egg, cheese, hot drinks from tea, coffee ilikakao).The lunch menu should include side dishes, vegetables or potato blyuda.Oni provide the necessary nutritional value.In light snack necessarily nuzhnovklyuchit liquid beverages such as tea or milk.The most recent pischiyavlyaetsya reception dinner, so it is better to make such products that legkousvoyatsya and quickly digested in the stomach (of products: cottage cheese, vegetables, potatoes, from beverages: tea, milk, juice, juice).

composing diet and menu, we must remember sezonnyeosobennosti: cold winter and autumn efficiently prepare hot soups, zharkimletom and spring - cold (beetroot, green cabbage, soups, fresh fruit iyagod).At any time of the year in the diet of its need to vklyuchatdostatochnoe any number of greens and plant food.

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