Showroom Moussa Project - a compromise between desires and possibilities

Wear a dress that has seen all weddings, social events and other grand events is not even force yourself - it will not turn.Spending huge sums on new designer outfit also absolutely impractical idea - let's face it, how often will go so far as to put it on?Once a year?Two?But fashion does not stand still, it is moving forward, and a year later opened the closet and look at this very dress, you just sad sigh - it is irrelevant, the money spent on it will not return, the mood falls and we come to thethe same thoughts, which started ...

Can I take a designer dress rental?

recently about such services in our country no one knew - and if the West, this trend is developing successfully for many years, while in Russia it is just starting to gain popularity.In the past, there was only one option, which allows to wear gorgeous outfit for the evening - buy it in a boutique, not cut tags and labels, and the next day to return it, the good, the law allows it.

However, this method has disadvantages, and very

tangible - if the dress something happens, it will not be back.Whether it's a small clue, puff, a tiny spot of wine or gravy - a dress shop will not accept, because it can not be put in order and re-sell.It is likely that such a catastrophe can be avoided - but be prepared the evening do not touch the food, drinks, do not careless movements - and it is better not to do any sort of word, be prepared to spend the evening in his mind about the dress, not a lot of fun activities.

Today luxury rental fee - a common practice around the world, not only for ordinary girls, but also for celebrities.In the US, various offices involved in rental, appeared for a long time - and their business successfully grows.

Now this problem is solved in Moscow and - thanks to the sisters Victoria and Helen Moussa, creators Moussa Project, you can select the perfect designer outfit for your taste just 2-3 days.This cozy showroom that and want to be called fabulous, you can pick up a dress, shoes and accessories for any event, and be sure that the image will be truly unique and original.

new things to find a showroom in New York, London, Paris, in short, exactly where are born unique and the most daring design ideas.The thing that rental of five or six times, falls on sale - so the collection is often updated.Clothing of many designers, including Russian, which is not easy to find elsewhere, might well find it in Moussa Project, the same can be said about jewelry and accessories.Select here a suitable bag, exclusive hat or find a dress that exists in a single copy?There is nothing easier and more interesting.

profitable to take a designer dress rental?

course, profitable.Let's be honest - a little-exclusive dresses need constantly occasion to wear this outfit does not happen often, but it can be worth more than all your clothes.Three designer dresses a year - it is a very visible amount.

In Moussa Project can take the dress for up to three days, the cost of dresses ranging from 1 to 12 thousand rubles, which is about 15-20% of the real value of the thing - with all the costs of dry cleaning showroom undertakes to keep the customerfrom additional worries.Attractive conditions, is not it?You only need a passport to enter into a lease agreement - no collateral is not necessary to leave.

Is not it true that this approach is much easier solution to the problem?There will be no throwing and agony of choice between the desire to look stunning and common sense.Moussa Project opens its doors for you every day from 12 to 22 hours at the Grand Patriarch's Lane, 8 - in the heart of Moscow.