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The most fashionable singer


about this woman, singer and actress said a lot, her name speaks for itself.It is particularly surprising and fascinating us for more than thirty years.And looking at it, it is difficult to imagine that such figures in general can have access to it any relation.Someone might think that it carried to the scene immediately after birth.Maybe she still has the elixir of youth, if "yes" is somehow understandable how Madonna manages to look so grand in its '53.Madonna actively monitors all developments and innovations in music and music production.She tries to work with the most creative and productive musicians, DJs and arrangers.How she manages to produce fashion items, to raise children, to work in the studio and keep myself in shape - a big mystery, which is very typical for this singer.


popular singer that leaves no doubt in his image and style.Wherever she appeared, at present at the second breath away and this is a normal reaction.In principle, Rihanna has long used to it, arou

nd her figure seems never to subside hype.Rihanna never cease to be popular, and hundreds of girls around the world will make hairstyles like hers.

Miley Cyrus

Opens a list of the hottest singers Miley Cyrus.Career this girl grows very rapidly.She has managed to conquer several generations from it crazy how teens and more mature audience.After all, as you may recall, she began her stellar ascent to Olympus star in the famous show "Hannah Montana," which played a major role.Who looks like Miley is not so innocent, her latest video for the song "Holmes MY HEART" has obviously already attracts more adult audience.Cyrus always comply with the latest fashion trends, even his last song recorded in the dance style, as it recently did Rihanna and Madonna.

Lady Gaga

Outrageous singer lives on the principle: "The whole world - it is the scene" and in everything he meets.Lady Gaga Confessions of a leader in style and outrageous, and its rapid popularity is growing day by day.And indeed, as you can go out of fashion, if you constantly monitor your actions and life.This singer is relevant because it is always different.With each release of her people to change her entire appearance.And what are its most extraordinary and storage outfits, make-up, and even videos.Of course, not just always be in fashion, but it is her and sets.

Amy Winehouse

Incomparable Amy Winehouse probably never be able to give forget about yourself.Let's start with the fact that such a voice is given is not for everyone, and Emmy stands out among the crowd of the sweet girls pevichek who so actively storming show business, appearing in more and more, besides the singer never missed an opportunity once again to remind myself nextscandal or funny situations.


She - a real diva, who never ceases to amaze new images and music creations.Of course, it is very fortunate that her husband was a talented musician and producer, Jay-Z, next to which is impossible not to be popular.But it is worth noting that the talent of this singer is no limit.She is so energetic and expressive, that only the lazy will not dance on her show.In concert, the singer always happen complete madness, at least a little girl's dream to be like her, and men eager to be near.

Katy Perry

began his career shocking everyone with his recognition of the fact that she liked kissing a girl.At the moment, the singer changed his musical style, starting cooperation with Timberleydom.Katie loves all catchy, carnival than attracts attention.So teenagers will long enthusiastically shouting her name.

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