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Timothy Dalton, actor

Timothy Dalton graduated from high school back in 1964 and then at the age of eighteen years, started playing in the theater.Within three years, Timothy Dalton is a leading actor of the National Youth Theatre of Michael Croft.During this period of his life the actor learns to Korlevskoy Academy of Dramatic Arts.After this milestone of his life Dalton starts playing at the Birmingham theater.
television career of Timothy Dalton was opened in 1966, when he first appeared on television screens.The first role in the movie, he received in 1968.It was a historical film "The Lion in Winter."This film brought fame to actors in this world today, like Katharine Hepburn, Peter O'Toole, Anthony Hopkins.
70s were marked for Timothy Dalton's hard work, this time he removed a lot.He often participates in a lot of historical productions.In addition, during this period the life of Timothy Dalton played in the Royal Shakespeare Company, as well as in the company «Prospect Theater».

film career.
Since 1978, the American period begins film career Dalton, at the time he was in the movie "Sextet".And in 1980 it appears the film "Flash Gordon", this film works has become a landmark for the famous actor.
In the 80s British TV shows on the screens of the television series "Jane Eyre."In this movie the actor Dalton played a major role, which gives him an unprecedented success.
Actor Timothy Dalton is becoming more and more popular.Directed by looking for actors for his films, increasingly try on the role it is Dalton.The most famous and notable work Dalton was the role of James Bond in the film "The Living Daylights".The actor gave this image of the special features that were not disclosed to the previous actors.What has become particularly known for the film?"The Living Daylights" was the last film of the James Bond series, which was used in the title, the author of this book, Ian Fleming.And this was the first film in which she was exposed to the waist.The role of actor Timothy was, one might say, by happy coincidence: this role was two contenders, Pierce Brosnan and Timothy Dalton.However, the second candidate for the James Bond in this period was busy on another project, and the role went to Timothy Dalton.After some time, another James Bond film is repeated in exactly the opposite: Timothy was busy, and the role was Brosnan.It is also interesting that the role of James Bond Timothy Dalton was offered before, but Dalton refused to take part in the shooting, citing the fact that he is too young to play after Sean Connery will not.
In the movie "License to Kill" Timothy Dalton played alongside such actors as Robert Lowell and Davey.

Notable works.
In 90 years on television was a roaring success with the shows "Scarlett," sort of a free continuation of the "Gone With the Wind."Here the actor Dalton did not hit the dirt face, elegant playing the role of Rhett Butler.Prior to this role he successfully played by Clark Gable.However, Timothy Dalton did not blunder, no losing in Geyblu skill.
in 90 years and was known for other work actor - the role of a detective "Substituted".Also popular were "The King's Whore," "The Beautician and the Beast" and others.
very famous work of Timothy Dalton "The company with the wolves."From the works of the actor of recent years and it should be noted films such as "Share of Time" (2000), "possessed by the devil" (2000), "American Heroes" (2001), "Hercules" (2005), "Hot Fuzz" (2007) and the 2010 movie "The Tourist".In general, this period of Dalton's acting career can be said that it was a diverse work: he starred in such films, which later became classics of Hollywood in quite commercial tapes.Very talented actor plays any role as James Bond kind of large and small and insignificant.To anyone Dalton fits his character with a soul, fully revealing the image.The film "Hot Fuzz" in general has become a complete surprise for the audience.This movie film actor revealed a previously unknown side.

In the life of the famous actor Timothy Dalton many interesting facts: he collects antiques, and enjoys fishing, reading, loves jazz and opera.
With regard to the personal life of an actor, her he successfully kept secret.Timothy Dalton - actor and a very reticent man and does not like to climb into his private life.To date, very little is known about the facts of the life of Dalton.In 1995, Timothy Dalton met with Oksana Grigorieva, a singer, teacher and model.After some time, they had a son, Alexander.Son Timothy Dalton loves, walks with him on a fishing trip, and how to talk about it around, pay the money, and then the fish will still release into the wild.Wife of Timothy Dalton is also engaged in a career, she wrote music for commercials and clips.Actress Vanessa Redgrave actor Timothy Dalton bind extremely uneasy relationship: before his marriage, he was in love with Vanessa, at the moment, and his wife Vanessa - best friends.Today, the whole family Dalton lives in Los Angeles.
Like many other famous actors Timothy Dalton has a personal website, on which all admirers of his talent will be able to find all the necessary information about his life and acting career.

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