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Why do I sweat at night?

Between the beginning of the evolution in danger our body reagirovalna it as a call to action - "Hit and run" - is not only suzhalissosudy but still breathing becomes more frequent, and pupils dilate.

Because involve very strong nerve impulses in the body there is a very silnoevydelenie sweat.Why is that?With potnyhladoney it easier to escape from the enemy, clutching the rough branches.Through sweat increases friction, so the foot firmly stood on the stone ledge, from slipping off, it taknashi ancestors could escape from danger.

today are much needed to hide from predators in trees to protect the guns we do not chastoispolzuem large branches or stones, but still sweat in situatsiiemotsionalnogo or physical stress.

you notice other?

People who do not have a problem with sweating, sometimes do not understand, and even condemn people, clothes are one momentstanovitsya wet.But this is a fairly common situation, but when ucheloveka sweat streams flowing through the body, it even turns away mos

t people.

Silnoepotootdelenie - hyperhidrosis - it sledstvienarusheniya work of the sympathetic nervous system (which increases heart rate, intake of nutrients and enhances the breath), but the specific reasons that mogutnapominat similar reaction of the organism is not present, or rather, it has not yet been found.

If tynachinaesh much sweat without any apparent external stimuli, so we're talking about pervichnomgipergidroze.Typically, samogodetstva person knows this state already resigned to the fact that he povyshennayapotlivost Moreover, once uchitsyazhit with this, so a specialist do not seek professional help.

Earlier vynikogda povyshennoypotlivostyu not suffer, and now almost every night and wake up because of this?Then you need to think and remember how davnovy feel discomfort, and because of what could appear night sweats?

reason misrepresented that secondary hyperhidrosis can be a sign of a very sereznogozabolevaniya or due to emotional exhaustion, which is caused by prolonged stress, perhaps this is a common reaction to a new medication that vyprinimaete not so long ago.

togokak Once you understand the cause and cure disease, the fault which tormented nights, this problem will disappear, takproiskhodit often.Nuzhnopomnit However, it is important not only vylechitbolezn, but also protect yourself from complications, and this is not worth zanimatsyasamolecheniem and self-diagnostics, it is best time to see a kvalifitsirovannomuvrachu.

Listen to your body

you zaboleligrippom, with the addition of night sweats should be additional symptoms unfounded weakness, headache, fever, aches in vsemtele, runny nose, dry cough, malaise, chills.

When violations rabotyschitovidnoy gland at night can also be sweating when etomdopolnitelnye symptoms - a distraction, fatigue, mood swings, lethargy and fatigue.

Diabetes tozhemozhet be the cause of night sweating.Additional symptoms: irritability, weight problems, frequent urination at night ipostoyannoe thirst.

Perhaps your nochnoepotootdelenie - a symptom of tuberculosis, with its additional features may include: chest pain, weakness, cough, weight loss and poor appetite bezprichinno.

Kidney (renal failure, hydronephrosis and urolithiasis) also mogutsprovotsirovat increased sweating at night.Additional symptoms: loss of appetite, back pain, dry mouth, blurred urine and poyavlenieotekov face.

Maybe you sweat nochyuiz of tumor diseases.Symptoms: unusual discharge, fatigue, skin changes (itching, redness or darkening), weight loss for no reason, fever, sealing in the organs (kprimeru in the breast).

When violations rabotyserdechno circulatory system may also disturb the night sweats.When etomk Additional symptoms include: vomiting, anxiety, discomfort ibol chest, dizziness, difficulty breathing, loss of balance.

The last disease, which may be accompanied by night sweating - it's AIDS.Dopolnitelnyesimptomy fever, changes in the skin (for example, began to appear krasnyepyatna), lymphadenopathy (about 5 cm in diameter), diarrhea, lethargy, fever, pain on swallowing.

did not win, but accept?

Often zhenschinapoteet night during menopause - it's one of the most rasprostranennyhprichin.Typically, menopause nastupaetposle 45 years and more, is not something supernatural, it prirodnyeizmeneniya, it should be in the women's organizme.Yaichniki virtually stop working, they do not produce estrogen progesterone.Because of hormonal izmeneniymogut appear serious problems vrabote hypothalamus.It is such a small part of the brain that kontroliruetprakticheski all the functions occurring in the body.

For example, temperaturutela, behavior, sleep, emotions, and the body becomes appetit.Kogda little estrogen, it binds to a violation snizheniemtemperatury body and rezultateuvelichivaet it to achieve hormonal balance and heat.Because of this, during menopause zhenschinachuvstvuet hot flashes (warmth, which is normally distributed vsemutelu), which cause more sweating.

klimakssoprovozhdaetsya Very often psychological and emotional disorders, especially comfort, who belongs to the very sharp end of the childbearing years.Female body is so constituted that first mysozrevaem then bear children ireproduktivnaya system fades away.This is perfectly normal natural process, so you should not advance to dramatize and panic, it is better to zheoblegchit their condition, to see a specialist.

Premature menopause

If, before the onset of menopause is still far, however, you start to notice that the symptoms appear (otsutstviemenstruatsii, night sweats, hot flashes, vaginal dryness, irregular, decreased sexual activity), then perhaps weWe are talking oprezhdevremennoy menopause.Estneskolko reasons for this appearance klimaksa.K example, the genetic characteristics of the organism, damage yaichnikovposle consequence of chemotherapy or surgery.

Hormones can be carried out in at least prichinenarusheniya work of other bodies.Poetomuvmeste with premature menopause often goes hand in hand osteoporosis (fragility, brittleness of the bones), or diseases of the cardiovascular system.Of course, not all women spontaneously nachinayutteryat bone mass or suffer from heart disease, but with the way zhiznizhenschiny directly related diseases and the development of side oschuscheniediskomforta.Lack of pregnancy, smoking, drinking alcohol, unhealthy diet and monotonous, constant stress leads to the fact that the body is exhausted prematurely and can not cope with hormonal changes in the body.Because zaeto conventional natural fiziologicheskiyperiod in a woman's life - menopause - takes pretty hard with not a very pleasant symptoms.