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Why do I sweat at night?

When all annoying

night sweats, irritability, and headache - a priznakitogo that you are now experiencing premenstrual syndrome, which can dlitsyadva day, maybe sixteen days.On ochenvliyayut during the menstrual cycle hormonal changes, but so far it is not clear why some women experience is painless, while others wake up in a sweat, suffering from insomnia and writhe on boli.Vozmozhno, this is due to the high sensitivity to progesterone, which is especially important invtoroyfaze cycle, and perhaps from nedostatkaopredelennyh vitamins, predisposition to depression, disorders raboteschitovidnoy cancer.

Argued that takayasituatsiya in the body is directly related to the number of menstrual cycles.If you compare our grandmothers isovremennyh women, but now women have less, so menstrual tsiklyne interrupted and over the years their number increases.Because of this age when zhenschinapriblizhaetsya to menopause simptomystanovyatsya worse.

Maybe mnogonadumannyh and very well justified reasons, but

in this case nuzhnotrezvo assess their condition and polozhenie.Esli you react to any event with emotion, did not stoitprinimat solutions start serious conversations and peretruzhdaetsya themselves fizicheski.Perezhditea few days, and then to get things done.

night sweats during child-bearing

Not all women, but some of them during vremyaberemennosti suddenly begin to sweat sweating nochyu.Periody and its appearance may be different: some zhenschinystradayut this first trimester, while others - in the lastnedelyahberemennosti.

When the balance of hormones in the body returns to normal, discomfort disappear.However, if you are still worried about your condition, then it is better to consult a doctor.

hiding from stress

Kpoyavleniyu night sweats and can cause a situation where the body iznashivaetsyaot constant emotional stress, and the body vyrabatyvayutsyagormony stress - cortisol and adrenaline.If you overload every day sebyarabotoy and your life - it's solid endless excitement, then the body is certainly no time to rest, and the adrenal glands that produce stress hormones constantly feel pereutomlenie.Opyat, if you compare us with older generations, we malodvigaemsya,Because of this, the hormones that are produced are not spent iprodolzhayut be in the body, so we are always in readiness sostoyaniiboevoy.If you do not wake up from sweating pervuyunoch then udelitesebe special attention, because it is a direct indication that you are not all right.

half an hour for zdorovogoorganizma

When we exercise, sweat stands out bolsheobychnogo, but if you look at it from the other side, the fizicheskayanagruzka - is an activity that we did need to suppress hormones stressai defuse the tension in the muscles.Sick in the body case, the emissions of the chemical compound of endorphins, which is known to all as "happiness hormone", you can use it to get rid otdepressivnogo state and irritability.

Simple rules:

  1. If you reshilizanimatsya exercise in the morning, then remember that the heart is ready to load tolkocherez a couple of hours after we wake up.
  2. Postaraytesrasplanirovat your day so chtobyposle work in the evening you can engage in quiet irazmerennymi chores, do not load themselves before going to bed.
  3. not do pilates, step aerobics and yoga just because now it is very fashionable.Practise what brings you pleasure pleasure.

What happens when mychuvstvuem alarm?

As a rule, women who are nervous all the time iperezhivayut turbulent emotions, complain that they have increased during PMS cycle occurs regularly, appears excessive sweating and insomnia.Itochno also contrary, in the natural course of the menstrual cycle without nepriyatnyhpobochnyh no symptoms of anxiety, the woman thinks sober and vosprinimaetlyubye situation without undue emotion.

Simple rules:

  1. Do not wait until nastupitupadok forces rest.Nauchitesupravlyat their emotions in stressful situations, be able to change viddeyatelnosti - this will help you to spend yourself rationally and nepereutomlyatsya.
  2. If your lichnyeotnosheniya and operation makes you nervous, then think about svoemzdorove, think that more important to you.Often, these troubles do not ostavyatvas alone, they will persecute you, and menopause.
  3. Every day vecheromudelyayte yourself 10-15 minutes to just relax and be alone.

Eat right

If you eat monotonous, then nesomnevayus that your body is under stress, moreover, it can also be the cause of nochnoypotlivosti.

Do not eat before going to bed acute fatty foods and goryachienapitki.Sweating is enhanced due to smoking, drinking alcohol iupotrebleniya products that contain caffeine.In the liver, break down hormones, she cleans nashikletki of waste products and toxins.

However, when we are more nagruzkupri alcohol intoxication, liver feels bad to cope with their duties.If you suffer from profuse sweating, tomozhet cause a deficiency of vitamin B1, which controls the operation of nervnoysistemy.This vitamin can be found vkapuste, nuts, tomatoes and beans.Vitamin E can reduce zapahpota.Tocopherol is found in molochnyhproduktah, eggs and almonds.

vydeleniipota When we lose calcium, iron and phosphorus.Dairy products, grains (oatmeal, buckwheat), eggs, fish, beans and walnuts - is a source of minerals.If you are concerned chrezmernayapotlivost night, while useful prinimatnastoy sage.To do this you need to take a spoonful of leaves Isalien boiling water (1 cup).Twenty minutes to insist and then drain and pittrizhdy a day after meals ½ cup.Noprezhde you use drugs, consult your doctor skvalifitsirovannym (for example, such an infusion of sage can not pitkormyaschim-feeding and pregnant women).

not stack lichnayazhizn

addition to strong sweating the whole body at night due zavtorichnogo hyperhidrosis, there is also localized its shape when the body sweats of News, but only parts of it.For example, much can potetpodmyshki, face or feet.

Continuous monitoring

«I do not mogunayti mate because suffer excessive sweating.At the first meeting I strongly sweat armpits, so I nachinayuchuvstvovat discomfort and want to go home soon.I do not want my molodoychelovek saw wet circles on clothes. ""My hands are constantly sweating, so narabote I have to always keep a towel on the table.If time nevyteret hands, the sweat still on important papers, documents on your keyboard. "

and primary and the secondary hyperhidrosis lyudichuvstvuyut uncomfortable communicating.Esliu your local form of hyperhidrosis, then you should see a doctor because chtoest several treatment options.