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An allergy to semen, what you need to know

More vpyatidesyatyh years there were cases when women perezhivaliallergiyu on substances that are contained in a man's sperm.Naturally, these cases Modern soaring.The increase in the number of allergy sufferers moglapovliyat and bad ecology and uhudsheniezdorovya nation.Moreover, the qualification of allergists also not standing odnommeste, because now diagnosed with allergies when before etokazalos usually small nedomoganiem.Soglasno statistics, every third woman feels ochenhorosho after intimacy, and the discomfort that is govoritothat she is allergic naspermu.What to do if vozniklatakaya problem between you and your loved one?

«Uneasy" simple allergy

Zachastuyuallergicheskaya reaction to sperm manifested by redness of genitals posleseksualnoy vicinity, burning and itching.But it should be noted that there may be pechalnyeposledstviya from fever and hives to swelling and loss of consciousness.If to talk about allergy reactions naspermu, it is no different from other types of allergies.It can

develop slowly, postepennoprivedya to serious consequences and complications.

Zdesrazdrazhayuschy component can act in all the will - it could be proteins that are contained in the sperm of a man, and there may be medications that he takes, and food-allergens that are used in their food.It is impossible to say when, when kakihobstoyatelstvah and some women have a problem of this kind.However, if Swami has this happened, then do not despair.

condom - not a cure

  1. In America, doctors advise dovstupleniya even married couples to check compatibility.Of course, this nevozmozhnonazvat way out of this situation because I was ten partners chtobyobresti physical compatibility - it bred.Nuzhno and can look for options that will get along with the man who is close physically and mentally.
  2. The easiest way - is ispolzovanieprezervativa.But it should be noted chtoesli had once been seen allergic to sperm, the next will definitely nezaschischennayapolovaya proximity to the same.Moreover, if the sperm gets to drugieuchastki body can develop krapivnitsai appear edema.You may receive an allergy to hair and skin partnera.Poetomu need to still go to the doctor and somehow deal with this disease.
  3. If you at first sexual aktepochuvstvovali itching or burning, then immediately submit to ginekologicheskiykabinet.Of course, this may not necessarily be a reaction to the sperm, these simptomyyavlyayutsya symptoms of many diseases, but to the doctor is necessary skhoditv anyway.For exact diagnozasleduet visit an allergist and urologist.
  4. Often the doctor prescribes a zhelechenie as with conventional allergy: advises to cease contact with an allergen for some period of time, taking antihistamines and so on.In order to make sure that uvas allergy is the male sperm, the doctor may send you provestikozhnuyu allergoproby.
  5. There is a method called ISGC, it lies in the fact that women spend so-called spetsificheskuyuimmunoterapiyu.For several hours (two or three) every twenty minutzhenschine vagina placed some semen seksualnogopartnera while gradually increasing the concentration and sperm count.

Incompatibility can win

Prakticheskisamy common type of allergy to men - the destruction of the sperm that enter the vagina.This is for the simple reason chtozhenschina "Daisy" takes over the foreign object while vyrabatyvayaantispermalnye matter, if I may say so, even before reaching the uterus, sperm cells die, and the woman can not get pregnant.

If zhenschinazhdet pregnancy, and she does not come, then the pair should go all-takitest compatibility: neskolkochasov through intimacy after a woman is taken swab of the genital organs, dlyaopredeleniya live sperm in it.And therefore, the menshespermatozoidov, the greater the likelihood that the pair nesovmestimaimmunologicheski.

woman who dreams of a pregnancy should be protected for six months (as the doctors say) to antibodies formed stopped or primenyatinseminatsiyu in which sperm are introduced directly into the uterus.If after this woman is not udaetsyazaberemenet, then resorted to in vitro fertilization, with kotoromyaytsekletku connected with the sperm in a test tube and into the uterus podsazhivayut uzhegotovy embryo.

Unfortunately, many women who become pregnant in this way, going through preryvanieberemennosti in the early stages.If doctors do not detect other prichinvykidysha, while a woman is diagnosed "habitual miscarriage."Chtobysohranit pregnancy with husband incompatibility cells, doctors use injections kontsentrirovannyyleykotsitov husband, while the body begins to vigorously fight them and immunnayasistema as it distracted from the embryo, which is already developed.As a rule, such a situation can be normalnovynosit and give birth to the baby.

What says the psychologist?

From allergiinevozmozhno rid without determining the true cause.If the body is so ostroreagiruet, then going on inside the protest which often yavlyaetsyaneosoznannym.The body can not be deceived: the reaction of rejection in any case, appears vneshne.Zachastuyu if a woman proiskhoditallergicheskaya reaction to the sperm of a man, so it was this man on podsoznatelnomurovne she disliked (perhaps once tomuzhchina offended you, you have been emotionally hurt), rejection of sexual intimacy with himIn principle, mad at men.By the true reasons apply nehoroshieotnosheniya between parents, resentment that caused grown men to detstveili adolescence.In konechnomrezultate woman does not want to have sex, while she does not notice that.

Prichemzhenschina may crave and love her man, but budetgovorit body of another, with the shrill response to the proximity of taking her kakprotsess destruction.

Any ostrayareaktsiya - a sign of "stop" for the female body.The body seems to be saying: "Nedelay this, stop, think!".Therefore, to rule with etoyproblemoy, you must be honest with myself and answer sleduyuschievoprosy how I feel about him?Do I trust my man and our relationship? What do I do next with this partner?Esliv think carefully and came to the conclusion that not everything is so smooth - at least you naodin question was answered in the negative, then maybe this is where lies the vashaproblemu, work on it.

togochtoby to better understand ourselves and all to understand, contact a professional.Generally, when dealing with a psychologist "float" such situations that you forgot you had, resigned to them, and you even vgolovu no idea that this is what triggered the problem allergicheskoyreaktsii.Once you get rid of the fear of relationships with men, just men who hurt you, will understand their feelings kpartneru, you can forget about the fact that you had an allergy to semen, in contrast, will get pleasure from sex with his beloved.

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